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6x12 utility trailer

6X12 Utility Trailer


6X12 SA Utility Trailer   AXLE 3,500# EZ Lube Axle w/ Brake Flanges JACK 2,000# Top Wind, Set-Back Jack Radial TIRES ST205/75R-15  FLOOR 2″ Treated Pine or Douglas Fir* FRAME …

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7x14 utility trailer

7X14 Utility Trailer


7X14 TA Utility Trailer   AXLE (2) 3,500# EZ Lube w/ (1) Elec. Brake JACK 2,000# Top Wind, Set-Back Jack Radial TIRES ST205/75R-15  FLOOR 2″ Treated Pine or Douglas Fir* …

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7x16 utility trailer

7X16 Utility Trailer


7X16 Utility Trailer

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Utility Trailers for Sale

One of the most popular utility trailers in the world is the 6×12. These trailers are perfect as general-purpose trailers for individuals or commercial applications. They are also very popular for serving smaller landscape operations, providing plenty of room for a mower and all your gear.

We carry all sizes of utility trailers so if you don’t see what you’re looking for give us a call! We love customizing trailers to fit your specific needs. At Renown Cargo Trailers we take care of our customers like family.



Utility Trailer Info & Resources


By renowncargotr | August 25, 2022

When you’re looking to buy a new trailer, you want to make sure it’s a good investment for years to come. Buying a trailer isn’t inexpensive — that’s because it does an important job. Utility trailers are general, all-purpose vehicles that have a lot of practical uses. If you need a little more convincing to buy …

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Global transport and logistics is a big part of World’s Greatest episodes which is why we were ecstatic when the show’s producers reached out to have our team featured on the latest episode. As the largest trailer dealer in the nation and stocking trailers from five different manufacturers, our team was proud to get a …

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In the ultimate trailer showdown, we’ll seek to answer the age-old question: what is the most popular size for utility trailers? There are many different factors involved and trailer aficionados everywhere each have their own preferences. We’ll break down the stats on our team’s top utility trailer picks to decide once and for all which …

The Ultimate Guide to Open & Enclosed Trailer Sizes

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Whenever someone is in the market for a new cargo trailer, one of the first questions they usually ask is what size trailer they are going to need for their purposes. Our customers have come to know they can count on Renown for some of the toughest, longest-lasting, and most well-made trailers on the market …

Weight Distribution Hitch Guide | How Does it Work?

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If you’ve been around enclosed cargo trailers enough, you will have experienced or seen that terrible moment when back and forth sway occurs on the roadway. A weight distribution hitch is an incredibly useful tool for trailer owners to employ to help combat the dreaded “trailer sway” that can occur at high speeds.  In this …

Where to Buy a Deck Over Trailer

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When you start looking at your trailer options, a wide variety of factors affect the final purchase decision. What type of trailer do I need? Where do I intend to go with this trailer? What’s an enclosed trailer vs. open utility trailer vs deck over trailer? Whenever we start the process with a new customer, …

Open Trailers vs. Enclosed Trailers: Pros and Cons

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Open utility trailers and enclosed cargo trailers are each incredibly useful tools in their own right. These trailers are relied on by everyone from construction crews to homeowners to get the desired cargo wherever it needs to be. So how do you decide which is right for you?  Today our trailer pros are breaking down …

Utility Trailers: A Buyer’s Guide

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Utility trailers are the awesome all-around hauling machines that simply get the job done without a lot of frills. These relatively lightweight trailers can be hauled by just about any truck or SUV, and even a few cars that are equipped with tow hitches. Whether you’re hauling your ATV, picking up a new appliance, or …

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A crucial step in the trailer-buying process is when you consider your financing options for how you will actually fund the purchase. With all the different offers for financing, how do you know you are dealing with a reputable lender or getting a competitive rate? To make our sales process as seamless as possible for …