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Mobile Office Trailers

Mobile Office Trailers

Mobile office trailers provide the ability to take the office wherever the job site is. For everything from construction sites, disaster recovery, live events, to animal rescue, mobile offices go far beyond simply providing a place to do work - they offer continuity of operations whenever and wherever they’re needed. 

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Renown’s Mobile Office Trailers

At Renown, we understand the vitality of a mobile office trailer to provide this continuity of operations in the field. That’s why we only offer enclosed trailers from manufacturers that we have both a long-standing relationship with and who we know build a quality product. Our heavy-duty enclosed office trailers are made to perform in even the toughest conditions, so our customers know they can count on them when they’re needed the most.

Customized Solutions for Every Jobsite


Renown’s mobile office trailers can be built completely to your exact specifications. Already durable trailers can be rigged to battle tank-toughness with additional features like extended tongues, upgraded lighting and electrical, sand-jacks, and so much more for whatever the job demands.

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Our service representatives have the expertise to take your needs and match them up perfectly to the mobile office trailer that will perform under whatever conditions you need it to. We have an incredible selection of mobile office trailers ready to roll off the lot, or we can build an entirely customized rig from the ground up. Call, click, or come in today!

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Office Trailers for Every Situation


Renown’s relationships with the top names in trailer manufacturing gives our customers an unbelievable selection of mobile office trailers to find the perfect set-up to meet the unique application where the trailer will be deployed.


  • Emergency Management Response (EMR): built to be able to go wherever first-responders need to get to, our tough trailers allow decision-makers to quickly set up command centers to start conducting operations as soon as disasters strike.
  • Construction Site: no paved roads? No problem. Our trailers can be rigged to be taken anywhere the job site is so you can keep the work going and get the job done faster than ever before.
  • Animal Rescue: more municipalities are relying on mobile office trailers to provide on-location assistance for animal control and adoption events. Our trailers provide room to house, bathe, perform medical services, or whatever else is needed for animal rescue operations, wherever these need to occur.
  • Business Disaster Recovery: any kind of event that takes away your employee’s ability to connect to the systems they need can be incredibly costly. When continuity of operations is critical, our enclosed office trailers offer a comfortable, connected location to continue servicing your business’s needs. 
  • Events: Whether you’re working the IT or security for a live event or want to stand out with a mobile demonstration booth for your business, Renown’s mobile office trailers afford the perfect solution for live events. 
  • Mobile Workshops: custom set-ups specifically for the job at hand. Anything from a field biologist’s mobile lab to an engineering technology firm’s workshop, Renown has the trailer needed to get the job in the field done.