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When it comes to finding the best enclosed trailer, size really does matter. But sizing up your choices can be a bit difficult if you are not sure where to start. Here, we’ll cover each tier of available trailers based on width—6’ wide enclosed trailers, 7’ wide enclosed trailers, and 8.5’ wide trailers. With so many trailers to choose from, Renown has one of the best selections to match perfectly with your needs. 

If you have any questions at all, our friendly and experienced sales team is here to help. They’ll cover all your options completely pressure-free. Our sales process is one of the main reasons why so many come in as customers and leave as lifelong friends. 

6x12 Tandem Axle Enclosed Trailer

6’ Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailers

6’ wide enclosed cargo trailers are the smallest size of enclosed trailers that we carry here at Renown; however, you shouldn’t let their small size fool you. These trailers can still haul thousands of pounds of cargo with ease, wherever it needs to go. We’ll cover your options within the 6’ wide category below.

6x12 Single Axle Enclosed Trailer

The 6x12 single axle enclosed trailer is easily one of the most popular trailers of all time. That’s because this little trailer comes in at a very affordable price point yet still packs a great punch when it comes to payload capacity. The 6x12 is also incredibly versatile, being able to be utilized for many different applications. Smaller landscape crews with perhaps a single 36” walk behind mower and a small complement of edgers, weedwackers, and blowers can find this size trailer to be more than adequate to meet their needs. 

Contractors and handymen love the ease of getting all their tools right to the jobsite and then easily carting everything home again at the end of the day. The 6x12 single axle has an empty weight of 1,200 pounds and a payload capacity of 2,300 pounds, which is still plenty large enough for hauling a lot of everyday gear.

6x12 Tandem Axle Enclosed Trailer

Kicking things up a notch from the 6x12 single axle is to go with a tandem. The 6x12 tandem axle has a payload capacity of 5,200 pounds with two 3500-pound axles that each have their own braking system for maximum control. You can also choose to upgrade your axle to a 5,200 or even 7,000 pound rated axle with options for drop leaf spring axles, as well as torsion axles. To learn more about all your trailer axle options, check out our handy axle e-guide.  

7’  Wide Enclosed Trailer Options

Our 7’ wide enclosed trailers offer two different sizes that each are a step up from the 6x12’s. You will find a 7x14 or 7x16 enclosed trailer as a great middle-of-the-road option. Not too big, not too small, these trailers can carry a hefty payload easily while still retaining a great degree of maneuverability due to their size. If you run a busy towing operation in a crowded urban environment, the 7’ wide enclosed trailer is definitely an option worth considering.

blackout special

7x14 Enclosed Trailer

The smaller of the 7’ wide enclosed options, the 7x14 tandem axle has a whopping 4,880 pound payload capacity with the twin 3500-pound rated drop leaf spring axles. As with all of our trailers, the options absolutely abound with just about every inch. You can upgrade the axles, wheels, walls, ceiling, add electrical, beef up the ramp door, add ladder racks, in addition to a plethora of other popular options. The 7x14 gives you a great size trailer for a small to medium landscape trailer, concession trailer, mobile pet grooming trailer, and really just about anything else you can imagine.

7x16 Enclosed Trailer

With an extra two feet of length, the 7x16 enclosed trailer provides extra cargo room for larger/bulkier loads. If you’ve got a large Honda Rancher 4x4 ATV, a whole bunch of gear and spare parts, and everything else to load up for a weekend of fun, the 7x16 can make for an excellent toy hauler. The 7x16 enclosed trailer comes with a base payload capacity of 4,740 pounds making it more than suitable for a wide variety of tools and heavy equipment. 

7x16 Blackout Special Enclosed Trailer

If aesthetics are a driving factor in your trailer purchasing decision, we invite you to check out one of sleekest models in the 7x16 blackout special. You get alloy avalanche wheels, ATP fenders, all black trim, a black stone guard, black diamond plate stepwells on car hauler models, black bar lock on the ram door, and upgraded blacked out aluminum side wall vents. All of this comes together to create a sleek, aggressive look that is absolutely perfect for showing up in style on the jobsite, to the trade show, or just around town advertising your business.

8.5’ Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailers

8.5’ wide trailer options come in the largest variety because these are some of the most sought-after sizes on the market today. From 8.5x14’s all the way to our 32 footers, 8.5’ wide enclosed trailers provide the largest dimensions for loading and unloading.

8.5 x 26 enclosed trailer

8.5x14 Enclosed Trailer

The 8.5x14 is just like the 7’ version, you just have a full foot and a half of extra width. This really comes in handy when you get big items on and off the trailer, making it an ideal size for a landscape company with a zero turn mower and a full gear load out. The options to outfit this trailer lets you organize and allocate space within so you may be able to get by with a slightly smaller size over the larger 8.5’ wide trailers out there. The smaller size is definitely a plus when it comes to backing up, storing, and maneuvering around town.

8.5x16 Enclosed Trailer

Adding an extra two feet of length, the 8.5x16 tandem axle is an excellent choice as a toy hauler, construction trailer, or anyone else needing a full 4,200 pounds of payload capacity. The 8.5x16 is a great mid-size within this larger category because you’ll have plenty of space for gear while still retaining a lot of the maneuverability the shorter length provides. 

8.5x18 Enclosed Trailer

Getting up to 18 feet, the 8.5x18 tandem axle can haul 4,000 pounds of cargo with ease. The 8.5x18 has been used quite successfully as a motorcycle trailer or car hauler to get your prized ride to and from competitions. You can add custom cabinets, extra lights, electrical, and more to make the perfect race car trailer or add ladder racks and extra e-tracks for the perfect mobile construction trailer. At a lower price point than the “big boys”, the 8.5x18 is an incredibly versatile mid-sized trailer. 

8.5x20 Enclosed Trailer

With the 8.5x20, we’re starting to get into the larger size categories but you still retain a very maneuverable trailer. With 3,800 pounds of payload capacity, you still have a high threshold for weight, while having ample room for whatever cargo you need. 

8.5x22 Enclosed Trailer

The 8.5x22 tandem axle gives you all the way up to 3,600 pounds of payload capacity with the standard twin 3500-pound drop leaf spring axles. 8.5x22’s are great for any kind of car hauler, mobile food trailer, landscape operation, or just about anything else you have in mind.

8.5x24 Enclosed Trailer

8.5x24 tandem axles can still haul 3,400 pounds of payload throughout their extra-large interiors, making them a great choice for a wide variety of applications. Calling all the options included with this trailer “stock” doesn’t do it justice. You get LED lights, radial tires, Thermacool roof liners, D-rings, electric brakes, and so much more all with a base model.

8.5x26 Enclosed Trailer

The 8.5x26 tandem axles come standard with twin 5,000 pound rated axles so the payload capacity gets boosted to a whopping 6,400 pounds! These large trailers are excellent for hauling your prized race car to and from the track with plenty of room for storage and space to move throughout the trailer.

8.5x28 Enclosed Trailer & 8.5x32 Enclosed Trailer

The largest of the 8.5’ wide trailers Renown carries, the 8.5x32 provides up to 6,000 pounds of payload for massive loads. Outfit these behemoths with all the customizations your heart desires to build out the perfect hauler for your operations.


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