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Any type of event goes better with an attention-grabbing stage to work from. If your band, business, or self presents from outdoor spaces without built-in sets, these types of custom trailers are perfect for you. They help you create the perfect experience for the people watching, make a bigger and more professional impression, and more. Transport your displays and gear with ease and set up in less time than you imagine with stage trailers specifically made for you.


The answer to this question spans many industries and interests. When most people think of a stage, they imagine singers and bands showcasing their musical talents or a play put on for an audience. With the flexibility and mobility of these unique tow-behind stages, many other options open up. They are perfect for product and service demonstrations, make your marketing more impressive in front of a crowd, and help with speeches at special events ranging from farm fairs to high school graduations to music festivals to industry trade conventions. Call, click, or come in today!


There is no specific list of details that every stage trailer should have. Of course, they need to include an easy and quick way to hook them up to the vehicle that will tow them from one spot to the next. They also benefit from sturdy construction, high-quality materials, security features to keep them locked tight on the road or when not in use, and functional mechanical parts for easy and safe set-up and take-down.

The rest of the specific details come down to what you need from the custom trailer you choose. Size needs, for example, depend on what type of shows or presentations you intend to use it for. A two-man band will fit well on the smallest models while a corporate presentation completely with signage, display cases, and product racks would need more. Choose from a variety of colors that match your brand identity, logo, or general preferences.


No matter what type of stage trailer you choose, you need to know that the company behind the structure creates exceptional results. When you purchase one from Renown, you get more than exceptional design and craftsmanship. You get a wealth of experience and knowledge that goes into the creation of every custom trailer we offer. Our goal is to serve you and meet your needs with every interaction. We are proud of the high ratings from satisfied customers we have gathered over the years and continue to do everything possible to maintain that trust in the custom trailer industry. You get clear pricing with no surprises and friendly conversation from first contact to the final sale and beyond.

When you need a stage trailer to take the show on the road, source it from a company you can trust. For bands setting up at local fairs to corporate brands introducing new products, you will find the right platform with one of our excellent stage trailers.


Completely Customized Stage Trailers

The beauty of Renown lies in our ability to cost-effectively source the perfect trailer set-up for individuals and businesses. Every customer that we encounter has their own set of unique requirements and our brilliant sales team thrives in solving the difficult problems presented. Have a really tall piece of equipment? No problem, we can increase the height of the trailer to accommodate. We can customize rims, increase the skin thickness to eliminate “waves” and increase aesthetics, and offer many different colors to choose from to make your trailer an absolute show-stopper. 

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