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Concession & Food Trailers for Sale

Food concession trailers allow masters of the culinary arts to bring their succulent creations anywhere hungry crowds await. That freedom to serve what you want, where you want is what leads many of the best and brightest chefs to strike out with their own mobile kitchen-on-wheels. Renown’s relationships with the nation’s top manufacturers who we know and trust means better prices and more selection for our customers. We’re confident we have the perfect concession trailer for sale but can also work with you to produce a completely customized set-up.

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How to Choose Food Truck Trailers for Any Event

Renown’s trailers are built by some of the best names in the business like Anvil Trailer and Rock Solid Cargo. At Renown, we only do business with manufacturers we know to be reputable and who produce nothing but quality products. These trailers are built to last a lifetime and offer business owners an excellent return on the investment.

When you are looking for a top concession trailer for sale, consider the following key aspects:

  1. Size: depending on the operation you wish to employ, the size of your trailer can vary significantly. For example, we recently helped a client launch a mobile shaved ice concession trailer and selected the venerable 8.5 x 18 Tandem Axle. This medium-sized trailer has all the space that a concession trailer needs but is still small enough to easily transport and set-up/take-down wherever a hungry crowd gathers. Consider your operation’s needs - sometimes bigger isn’t better but you also need to make sure you have enough space to comfortably get around the kitchen when fully loaded for an event.
  2. Options: food trailers often require electrical upgrades, lights, stabilizer jacks, and other considerations in order to support the operations of the kitchen. Renown offers almost endless combinations of custom options to meet your needs. Our sales staff will get to know your set-up’s unique requirements in order to put together the perfect package.
  3. Payload Capacity: mobile kitchens often require some heavy gear in order to serve people the delicacies they so crave. Ovens, refrigerators, water tanks, and prep counters can quickly add up in terms of weight. Always consider the payload of the trailer - that is the weight it can safely carry and take into account all of your gear that will need to be carried to and fro within the space.

Completely Customized Food Trailer Solutions

The beauty of Renown lies in our ability to cost-effectively source the perfect trailer set-up for individuals and businesses. Every customer that we encounter has their own set of unique requirements and our brilliant sales team thrives in solving the difficult problems presented. Have a really tall piece of equipment? No problem, we can increase the height of the trailer to accommodate. Want to have a trailer that looks as good as your food tastes? We can customize rims, increase the skin thickness to eliminate “waves” and increase aesthetics, and offer many different colors to choose from to make your trailer an absolute show-stopper.

Be Your Own Boss, Own a Food Trailer

Cook what you want. Set the menu. Set the hours. Set the location. You are in control. A food trailer gives you the ability to have a completely customized rig ready to be towed anywhere you find it beneficial to conduct business. The beauty of this lies in the incredible exposure that can be obtained by hitting multiple markets/events around your given locale. No longer are you married to one specific location, having to continually shell out for rent or a mortgage. Now, you can travel where it makes the most sense to within a given season.

With a concession trailer, you also enjoy the freedom of being able to detach the trailer for easy storage, affording you the unencumbered use of your vehicle.

Start Serving From Your Own Mobile Kitchen Trailer Today

We love meeting new people and helping them find the perfect solution for their hobbies, passions, and businesses. After carefully considering the operation you want to undertake with your concession trailer, bring your requirements in or use our handy contact form to get in touch with a sales representative. They’ll review your specifications and start putting together some options for you to consider. Be assured, we’ll never push or prod you into a sale and would rather send you to a competitor over not providing the perfect set-up to meet your needs. That’s the Renown difference. To us, it’s so much more than trailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find food trailers for sale near me?


Finding a quality food trailer for sale can be a difficult task; however, at Renown, we carry rigs that are ready to roll or can help you build-out the perfect custom solution for your food trailer. Browse our inventory online.

What’s the difference between a food truck and a food trailer?


A food truck has its own form of propulsion i.e. an engine whereas a food trailer is towed behind another vehicle. Both a food truck and a food trailer afford chefs space to create a mobile kitchen from which to serve customers in locales that can change whenever needed. However, food trucks tend to be more expensive to buy and maintain because they are actual vehicles.

What color options do I have for my food trailer?


We have 12 different color options available but can also do custom colors.

Does Renown have a BBQ trailer for sale?


A quality BBQ concession trailer needs a few key attributes in order to give the chef the best set-up possible for preparing delicious BBQ in the field. We can help barbequtioners assemble the perfect trailer to accommodate every piece of equipment needed to produce their chosen brand of BBQ.

Does Renown sell used food trailers?


No, we sell brand-new trailers straight from the manufacturer. But if you’re looking for used trailers don’t be dismayed, we have excellent relationships with other dealerships and can usually help connect customers with a reputable used trailer dealer.

How do I run a successful vending trailer?


A quality operation starts with a quality platform. Your food concession trailer needs to be durable, well laid-out, and appealing to your customers. By having a durable trailer, you’ll get more return on the investment in capital your business is making. With a well laid-out kitchen, you can efficiently service customers allowing for quicker turnover, more profits, and happier customers. With an aesthetically-appealing trailer, you’ll stand-out at the next event as a place new customers want to try and then will subsequently recognize and want to return to.

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