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Recommended Options

Popular Options for Enclosed Cargo Trailer

These are popular options that customers often add. Make sure to ask about any that might suit your needs.

  • Extended Tongue (Helps with tight turning and essential for pulling behind RVs)
  • Additional Height (Make sure your equipment fits easily)
  • .030/Semi-screwless Exterior (Eliminates “waves” and makes the trailer look much better)
  • Bigger Axles
  • 12 Inch On Center Cross Members (More durability and much more sturdy)
  • Slant V-Nose (Sleek look as well as less drag)
  • LED Back Up Lights
  • Stabilizer Jacks
  • Roof/Sidewall Vents
  • E-Track (Our E-Track is actually welded to the frame for maximum support)
  • Custom Rims
  • Electrical Package
  • Escape Door
  • Spare Tire

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Other Trailer Options For You to Consider

Selecting the absolute perfect enclosed cargo trailer or utility trailer from our lineup can get even better when you outfit the trailer exactly how you want to. We have every option you could ever dream of for building that one-of-a-kind trailer that meets your needs to a T. 

Check out a few of our most popular categories below. You’ll find these options below each enclosed trailer we have for sale so you can pick and choose the perfect package. If you have any questions about your custom trailer, you can always talk things over with one of our experienced and knowledgeable trailer pros.

Interior Trailer Options

The interior of your new enclosed trailer is arguably the most important as that’s where you will be spending a lot of time getting cargo on and off. There are many different options to help you set up the interior in a way that best suits your needs.

Flooring and Ramp

You can start literally from the ground up and improve the look and durability of your trailer floors and ramp with smart add-ons including:

  • 4’ ramp added to either the v-nose or side of the trailer provides you with a whole new way to get cargo near the front on and off.
  • Double layer of premium grade 3/4″ plywood flooring.
  • Aluminum Diamond Plate flooring adds durability and sleek aesthetics. 
  • Aluminum Diamond Plate can also be added to the ramp and rear flap. 
  • Rubber Diamond Plate flooring is extremely forgiving and easy to clean.
  • Rubber Diamond Plate on the ramp and flap complete the look.
  • Black and white floor tile gives the ultimate “racer” look for premium protection and beautiful aesthetics all in one.

Ceiling and Walls

Framing out the interior of your enclosed cargo trailer are a plethora of options to dramatically improve the ceiling and/or walls. A few of our most popular trailer options here include:

  • White vinyl on the ceiling and walls is a very clean and sleek look while also adding an extra layer of protection.  
  • White metal on .024 gauge metal for the ceiling and/or walls is an extra beefy way to improve overall durability while improving aesthetics.  
  • Ceiling insulation with your new trailer’s ceiling will dramatically improve heat transference to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 
  • Foil backed wall insulation will also improve the interior conditions of your new trailer.
  • Upgrading to extra-thick 3/4″ plywood walls to increase their lifespan and ability to stand up to even the toughest day to day.
  • You can also add a 3/8″ plywood ceiling to frame out the interior and add insulation, if desired.
  • E-Tracks and D-Rings are also very smart interior additions to help provide solid anchor points for securing cargo around the trailer.
  • Raise the roof! You can increase the standard 6’3” roof and raise it up in increments all the way up to 8’. Load and carry larger and/or taller items with ease.


For just about anyone who is hauling cargo, having dedicated space upfront for extra storage is a really handy feature. Store extra tools, parts, or whatever else you need in a clean and organized way with professionally installed cabinets in your trailer. We can add base cabinets in the front, overhead cabinets, or a combination of the two.

Doors and Windows

Did you know you can add all kinds of different doors and windows in your new trailer? Access doors, storage doors, concession windows, new ramp doors—the possibilities are just about endless. 

Just a few of the many choices you have when it comes to new doors and windows include:

  • Adding a 12”x12” fuel door helps you beagle to fuel up your equipment outside from an internal tank. This really saves time for operations like landscape crews.
  • An 18”x18” cargo door makes it easy to get to gear quickly from the outside instead of having to keep going in and out of the trailer.
  • Adding a 3’ x 6’ (or the many different sizes we have) concession door can help set up the perfect food trailer, concession trailer, or mobile pop-up shop.
  • You can also move the standard 36” RV style door present on most Renown trailers just about anywhere you’d like it to be. 

Exterior Options

The number of exterior options is almost mind-boggling. You can set up the perfect, custom trailer that looks just as good as it performs, year in and year out, and season after season. 

Upgrade Thickness of Aluminum Skin

One of the most noticeable exterior options to consider up frontis upgrading the gauge of the aluminum skin. Upgrading to at least a .030 gauge metal eliminates that wavy pattern you see on thinner skins, making for a sleek and professional look. 

Premium and Xtra Premium Paints Available

Premium color options can also be added and even used with two tones and other design considerations to pull off a signature style. We’ve helped businesses, race trailer teams, and others pull off the perfect look that broadcasts their brand in style.

Axle Upgrades

There’s a host of axle upgrades to consider which increase the load rating and give your enclosed trailer’s payload capacity a boost. The standard axle is two 3500-lb with spring axles. Going up a notch to torsion axles will afford you less bounce and better overall stability. You can get 3500, 5200, and 7000 pounds rated axles in either spring or torsion axles. The axle upgrades include beefed-up tires and hub options included.

Trailer Packages

Not sure where to begin? We have a host of different packages that our trailer pros have put together just for the specific applications our customers are always asking for.

Concession and Food Trailers

Concession trailers are just as custom as the creations that come out of these mobile, kitchen-on-wheels. Additional features just for crowd service like concession windows and exterior LED lighting help make your trailer look the part at the next event. We can help you get everything you want and need in your new concession trailer, having helped many foodservice businesses start their operations with one of our trailers.

Race Car Trailers

Race trailers are carrying some incredibly precious cargo to and from the track. We help you get the perfect size for your given vehicle and then add-on important features for race crews like storage compartments, cabinets, and electrical and lighting upgrades. The black and white floor tile really comes out sharp when deployed in a race trailer.

Motorcycle Trailers

Our motorcycle trailer packages come with everything needed to safely load and unload your prized bikes wherever they need to be transported. Features like E-Tracks and D-Rings make it easy to completely secure your motorcycles for transport while beefed-up loading ramps means it’s never been easier to get your bike on and off. You can also customize the interior aesthetics to match any desired style. 

Contractor and Construction Trailers

In construction, your enclosed trailer is multi-faceted as your mobile tool crib, storage facility, and even office. We have helped many contractors outfit everything they ever wanted for their crews with additions that can really boost the value received from your new trailer. Items like ladder racks make it super easy to store and utilize ladders and long pieces of material on the site. You can upgrade the locks to help secure items within and even elect for a thicker skin for added durability and better brand activation. 

Mobile Office Trailer

When a calamity has you working out of the office, a mobile office trailer can be the lifeline your team needs to stay operational. We have fully loaded enclosed cargo trailers that have everything needed to be deployed when your team needs cohesiveness most. Features like air conditioners, added lighting, and improved aesthetics help transform an enclosed trailer into a fully functional and entirely pleasant working environment. 

Pet Grooming Trailer

We’ve worked with some of the best groomers in the industry on crafting the perfect options for mobile pet grooming trailers. From Flying Pig pet grooming tubs to upgrades in lighting, these mobile grooming trailers are absolutely loaded with the best tools for carrying out a professional level grooming business. 

King’s Package

If you’re someone who wants the best of the best, then the King’s Package will speak most to you. We created this package as a true reflection of the very best options available for the best trailering experience possible. You’ll find features like upgraded flooring and walls, thicker aluminum skin, ATP wrapping for extra exterior protection, upgraded locks, and better LED lighting.


Let’s Talk About Trailer Options That’ll Make Your Life Easier

At Renown, our entire reason for being here is to make sure that you get in the perfect trailer to meet your needs at a great price, with impeccable service before, during, and especially after the sale. Come see us in Douglas, GA today or contact our team to go over all the trailer options available.