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Enclosed Aluminum Inline Snow Trailers

Ready for a winter adventure? Crafted specifically for snowmobiles, yet versatile enough for all-season use, EZ Hauler's inline snow trailers promise unmatched quality and functionality.

Strength & Efficiency Combined: Built with a robust all-aluminum construction, our trailers are not just lightweight but also incredibly strong, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability.

Safe, Steady, and Cost-Efficient: Our braked leaf spring axles not only ensure reliability but also guarantee durability with minimal maintenance costs. This design ensures more even wear, making them an economical and trustworthy choice.

Shielded Beauty: A 24” stone guard gives your cargo hauler a sleek appearance while ensuring optimal protection from road debris and the elements.

Decked for Dependability: Rain, snow, or shine, our water-resistant plywood deck ensures your precious cargo remains safe and dry, promising years of faultless performance.

Illuminate with Ease: With dual dome lights equipped with a handy switch, never fumble in the dark again. Accessing your equipment has never been easier or brighter.

Quick Entry, Quick Exit: Whether it's the side access door for nearby retrievals or the efficient rear and front ramps with spring assists for quick load-ins and outs, accessibility is our forte.

Smooth & Sleek Sides: The screwless .03 bonded sides not only ensure a smooth exterior but also make it convenient to apply decals or wraps. Say goodbye to unwanted wrinkles and bumps.

Customizable Cargo Security: The inclusion of two recessed slide tracks and four sliding D-rings means you can adjust your anchor points as needed, ensuring that your gear remains firmly in place.

Venting Perfection: Whether it's to dissipate gas fumes or maintain an optimal temperature, the Salem vents ensure a fresh, aerated environment for your cargo.

For snow enthusiasts who value quality, safety, and efficiency, EZ Hauler's Enclosed Inline Snow Trailers are the obvious choice. Every feature is thoughtfully designed, ensuring that your adventures are memorable for all the right reasons. Gear up, head out, and trust in EZ Hauler to get you there.


Enclosed Aluminum Inline Snow Trailers for Sale


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