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Spartan Cargo Trailers

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Renown Cargo Trailers
Renown Cargo Trailers
Renown Cargo Trailers
Renown Cargo Trailers
Renown Cargo Trailers

Spartan Cargo Trailers was founded in 2015 by Jim Futch who wanted to build a higher-end enclosed trailer, capable of being fully-customized to even the most exacting requirements. Spartan Cargo builds custom enclosed cargo trailers in the southern Georgia town of Alma, which is just a short drive east of Renown’s dealership in Douglas, GA. Gaining a quick reputation as an extremely well-built trailer, Spartans are now sold to customers across the U.S.

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Where can I see Spartan trailers reviews?

Right on the Renown website, of course! We post all of the reviews that we receive, not just the 5-star ones like some other outfits. We want you to see us for who we strive to be every day - that is a trailer dealership of integrity. We feel blessed to be able to pass on our trailer expertise to our customers, which translates into exceptional service before, during, and especially after a sale. Check out our reviews page for real reviews from real Renown customers rating Spartan and other trailers.

Where can I find Spartan trailer specs?

Spartan trailers are made as tough as their namesake. We are proud to carry Spartan Cargo Trailers because they pay extremely close attention to detail and quality with every trailer they produce. We publish manufacturers’ specs under the “Features” tab in the menu bar at the top of the page but for an even more detailed look, check out SpartanCargo.com.

What’s the best Spartan trailer for sale?

The best Spartan trailer is the one that best meets the requirements you have for an enclosed trailer, now and in the future. To determine which trailer is right for you, you need to get honest with where and how you’re planning on employing this trailer. Measure out the dimensions of your anticipated cargo, consider the weight of your cargo, and then consider how much your vehicle can safely tow. These considerations will help you narrow your search for trailers that will physically meet your needs. After that, options are virtually limitless and our trailer pros can help recommend which would best suit what you’re looking for.

How much does a Spartan trailer cost?

Spartan trailers are a very economical option for an exceptionally well-built enclosed trailer. That being said, their prices vary widely based on the size of the trailer and the customization options selected. Browse our enclosed trailer stock to get a better idea for pricing and always be sure to check our Monthly Special for the best price on a revolving spotlight trailer.

Ready to customize your Spartan trailer?

Spartan trailers were specifically engineered to be tough, durable, and come ready to be customized exactly how the customer needs it to be. Some of the available options for Spartan Trailers include: adding more cross members for increased strength, increasing the axle size, adding wall or floor D-mounts and E-tracks, increasing the trailer height, increasing the trailer skin thickness, and adding doors, vents, and windows. Spartan Trailers also have a host of packages for different applications such as motorcycles and racing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Spartan enclosed trailer a good trailer to buy?


Spartan trailers are a very wise investment in the world of enclosed cargo trailers. That’s because the Spartan line of trailers is one of the most exceptionally well-built trailers on the market today. Further, Spartan trailers are some of the easiest trailers to customize and come with tons of different options so you can outfit the trailer exactly how you need it.

What is the biggest Spartan trailer you can buy?


The biggest-sized Spartan trailer currently on the market is the massive 8.5x30 tandem axle. This behemoth comes standard with a thick 0.030 aluminum exterior, 16” OC floor cross members, D-rings, a no-show beaver tail, and a host of other upgrades. With a standard 2 5/16’ coupler, this large trailer still easily hooks up to most tow vehicles.

Are Spartan Trailers good for a lawn business?


Definitely. Depending on the size of your business and how much equipment you need to carry, you can definitely find the perfect Spartan trailer to meet your needs. When looking at lawn trailers, it’s a good idea to physically measure out your gear and add up all the weight. Then, always make sure you know how much your vehicle can safely tow. This will give you an ideal starting point for narrowing your search for the perfect Spartan trailer for a lawn business.

Can you have a Spartan trailer shipped?


Yes and yes. Our trailer pros can help walk you through the entire trailer buying process, including adding on trailer options and getting you financed, and then have your trailer shipped right to your door. We’re connected with a team of professional drivers to ensure your trailer is delivered on time and in perfect condition.

What is the best way to tow a Spartan trailer?


Spartan trailers come with standard couplers for ease of towing with almost any tow vehicle. Always pay close attention to your vehicle manufacturer's specifications with regards to tow limits. The gross combined weight rating, or GCWR, is the total combined threshold for both your vehicle and the enclosed trailer. Be sure you also never exceed the vehicle’s towing capacity nor the trailer’s payload capacity.

What sizes do Spartan trailers come in?


Spartan trailers come in widths of 6’, 7’, 8’, and 8.5’. Lengths are dependent on the width category and range from 10’ all the way to 30’.

Do Spartan trailers come with a warranty?


Absolutely. Spartan Cargo warrants their products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase.

Can you make a Spartan trailer into a concession trailer?


Spartan trailers hands-down have some of the best diversity of customization options available. Our trailer experts will help you conceptualize your operations and then recommend the best suite of options for turning a Spartan into a dynamo food trailer.

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