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Small Enclosed Trailers For Sale

Small Enclosed Trailers For Sale

Our Most Popular Small Enclosed Trailers

We always keep 6x12SA Trailers in stock and ready to go. Factory Direct and has all the standard features including steel tube mainframe, wall, and roof bows. 6’3” interior height. All real plywood floors and walls. V-Nose. Ramp and flap.

Huge inventory in stock NOW!! Factory Direct and has all the standard features including steel tube mainframe, wall, and roof bows. 6’3” interior height. All real plywood floors and walls. V-Nose. Ramp and flap.

Shop our 7×12 enclosed cargo trailer for sale today! We keep single and tandem axles in stock! All units come with the standard features including LED Lights, Radial tires, 36” RV Side-Door, 6” tube mainframe, Thermacool Roof Liner, 4 Flush Mounted D-Rings, and Electric Brakes on both axles.

Small Enclosed Trailers

Get ready to carry all of your small equipment, lawn care supplies, or sound equipment in one of our excellent small enclosed trailers for sale. Whether you are looking for a small enclosed trailer for your business, hobby, or sporting necessities, Renown Cargo Trailers has the perfect small box trailer for you. Our team collectively has more than 120 years of experience in providing the perfect small cargo trailer with all the customizations you could ever need. 

With options for small cargo trailers in a wide variety of colors, axles, metal types and other options, you can get all the specifications you require for your own small enclosed trailer.


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Our Most Popular Sized Small Enclosed Trailer

When you are searching for the perfect small enclosed trailer, you want to be sure that it will have the capacity to meet your needs and haul all of your equipment. While we offer many smaller trailers like 6x12 enclosed trailers and 7x14 enclosed trailers, we also offer larger enclosed trailers like the 8.5x26 on up to 8.5x32. With so many options even in smaller sized trailers, you can find the perfect fit that will carry all of your gear, supplies, or equipment. 

One of our most popular sizes for small enclosed trailers is the 7x14 enclosed trailer. This small box trailer is a great option as a middle ground choice that can be used for all kinds of applications. At 7 feet wide and 14 feet long, this trailer has enough room and hauling capability for your lawn care equipment, catering supplies, band equipment, and more. 

By choosing a 7x14 small enclosed trailer, you open the door to any number of possibilities for your on-the-go business or traveling pastime. With a single axle option for the 7x14, you will have a remarkable payload capacity of 1,980 pounds and with a 3,500 tandem axle option, it more than doubles to a jaw-dropping 4,880 pounds of payload capacity. With this incredible payload capacity and more options to increase the weight capacity and further customizations, the 7x14 small enclosed trailer makes a fantastic choice for your hauling necessities. 

Our Smallest Option for Small Enclosed Trailers

Here at Renown Cargo Trailers, the little things matter to us. We take pride in our work and strive to match up the perfect trailer to meet your needs. Whether you need a large trailer for hauling vehicles or very large equipment, or just need a smaller trailer to carry your gear, we have the perfect option for you. 

The smallest of the small enclosed trailers we offer is a 6 foot wide by 12 foot long trailer that is perfect for carrying building supplies, small lawn care equipment, or other hobby-driven activities. The 6x12 single axle trailer still boasts an impressive 2,300 pound payload capacity which is truly outstanding for a small box trailer of its size. 

With the tandem axle options for the 6x12 trailers, the hauling payload capacity increases exponentially with options for 5,200 pounds, 8,600 pounds and an unbelievable 12,200 pounds for the 7,000 tandem axle upgrade. Just because it is the smallest small cargo trailer that we offer, does not mean it will not get the job done and truly impress you with its payload capacity.

The Cost of a Small Enclosed Trailer

One of the questions we get asked most often is in reference to the cost of a small cargo trailer. While the exact cost of a small enclosed trailer is going to vary with the customizable options selected, your small cargo trailer will be sure to meet your exact needs and budget. 

Because the materials we use to create these small cargo trailers are in a state of ever-changing cost, the price will be determined by a number of factors. Things that will affect the cost of your small cargo trailer are:

  • The cost of aluminum at the time.
  • Our supply.
  • Your selection of size.
  • Your chosen axle type (single axle trailer or tandem axle trailer).
  • The customizable options you choose for the interior of your small inclosed trailer.
  • The color trailer you choose.
  • Your door size and interior height you select.
  • Additional length and height customizations.

While there are indeed a great many variables with buying enclosed cargo trailers, we would love to work with you to find the perfect small enclosed trailer for your traveling business, sports team, youth camp equipment, or any other application you may have in mind. Take a gander at your many options for small enclosed trailers for sale and select your customization options. Once you have an idea of what you need, request a quote from our team and we will get working on building your perfect small cargo trailer. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help figuring out the exact options you would need on your small trailer.

On the Lighter Side of Small Enclosed Trailers

If the weight of the small box trailers is what you are most concerned about, the lighter side of these will definitely be the single axle small cargo trailers for sale. With the lightest option weighing in at a petite 1,200 pounds for an empty weight, the 6x12 single axle trailer is the perfect small cargo trailer for moving quickly, maneuverability, and carrying your equipment in a compact trailer.  Other lighter options include:

  • The 6x14SA with an empty weight of 1,460 pounds
  • The 7x12SA with an empty weight of 1,360 pounds
  • The 7x14SA with an empty weight of 1,520 pounds

With several different single-axle options for small enclosed trailers, Renown Cargo Trailers has the right size trailer for your business or hauling needs. 

Warranty and Coverage for your Small Enclosed Trailer

Here at Renown Cargo Trailers, we certainly understand that your small enclosed trailer is a major investment in your livelihood and you want to be certain that your investment will last as long as possible and that it will be covered for the bumps in the road. We only sell small enclosed trailers that are made to last and take pride in our work. We are all about integrity in all we do and create truly superior sales experiences. 

We offer a stout tongue to cargo door 5-year standard warranty with our trailers and even offer a low cost additional 10-year cross country warranty for added peace of mind. Whether you are purchasing a small enclosed trailer for your business or a small enclosed motorcycle trailer to take your bike across a great distance, Renown has your small cargo trailer covered and protected. 

Contact Us for a Quote

With the numerous options for small enclosed trailers Renown has both the trailer size and the customizable options for every one of your small cargo trailer needs. From the wide range of sizes to the impressive list of selectable customizations, we will get you the trailer that is perfect for your team, traveling concession trailer, or mobile pet grooming service. 

After getting an idea of what you will need out of your small enclosed trailer, contact our team to request a quote, ask any questions you may have, or get some general information. We work hard to get you the perfect trailer and will walk you through the entire process. Let our team help you find your perfect small enclosed trailer today.