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Contractor & Construction Trailers

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Construction Package Made For Contractor Pros

Especially made for the rigors faced every day on construction sites, job sites, and everywhere skilled tradesmen ply their trade, our Construction Package builds on an already solid frame with tough-as-nails accessories to take your project to the next level. Smart design considerations like integrated ladder racks, an easily-accessible walk-on roof, a beefy 7,000lbs jack, bright loading lights, and extended tongue make getting what you need to and from the job site easier than ever - even when you’re the one building the road. 

Ideal For Use By Professionals in the Skilled Trades & Services

  • Landscapers: easily store lawn and landscaping machinery, supplies, and equipment
  • Carpenters: completely organize all your carpentry tools and still have room for supplies  
  • Electricians: wires, cables, harnesses, tools, and supplies all safely stored
  • Heavy Equipment Operators: providing extra support for heavy workloads 
  • Survey Crews: safely store sensitive equipment and have room to spare for all your gear
  • Inspectors: carry a completely customized set-up to each inspection site to always have the right tools at hand
  • Masons: providing extra support for heavy masonry loads and tons of room for tools and equipment
  • Plumbers: store all the pipes, hoses, specialty tools, and equipment needed for the job
  • Roofers: ability to haul heavy roofing supplies, house all your tools, and store up to three ladders up and out of the way.

contractor enclosed cargo trailer with tool storageCreate a Custom, Mobile Tool Crib for Your Next Project

Every tool you need, right at hand, secured, and ready to go wherever the job takes you. Renown’s Construction Package trailer offers craftsmen the ability to completely stock the specialized tools and equipment needed for whatever jobs they undertake. Space-saving design features such as three integrated ladder racks and easy roof access ensures your enclosed trailer remains organized and accessible, allowing project tasks to be finished faster. Not seeing a feature you’d want included? We also offer great prices on a host of additional options and accessories so you get your trailer built your way. 

Where’s the Return on My Renown Trailer Investment?

When you invest in a vital piece of equipment for your business, you want to see a good return on that investment. We’ll show you three ways Renown’s Construction Package continues to provide value, year after year.

  1. Less time: from the get-go, we help pros save time by offering industry-leading production times so you get your new trailer on the jobsite faster. Being able to carry all of your gear, kept organized, as well as, a full load of supplies means less trips off property and more time completing jobs faster for your clients. We understand how much your time is worth, so designed the Construction Package to maximize time savings.
  2. Longer lifespan: built studier, more durable, and able to withstand tougher conditions than other trailers, the Construction Package stands up to the abuses present every day on the job. Providing years of continuous service means not having to reinvest anytime soon.
  3. Service for life: Renown prides itself on delivering a truly one-of-a-kind sales experience. We won’t push, prod, or poke you into a sale. We’d rather see you go to a competitor over selling you a trailer that isn’t a perfect fit for your needs. By giving top-notch service before, during, and even more importantly, after the sale, we’ve distinguished ourselves as delivering far more than just trailers - offering you a much better value through the life of your trailer.

Why Build a Construction or a Contractor Trailer?

construction trailer with built in tool box

At Renown Cargo Trailers, we are adamant about providing you the best options at the best prices to suit your unique needs. Our Construction Package was designed to meet the unique requirements of the tough men and women of the construction, skilled trades, and services industries. The conditions faced by these crews can be incredibly harsh, so each piece of gear needs to be able to produce even under the most punishing of circumstances. Our Construction Package trailers are built to be one of the sturdiest and most reliable pieces of equipment in a contractor’s arsenal. Many of our customers are using our trailers to run their own businesses so we consider ourselves partners in their success. That’s why we pour ourselves into delivering above-and-beyond customer service, before and after the sale. We’ve all known too many sales reps that paint a really pretty picture then fail to deliver and all of the sudden the rep won’t return your calls. We never will put profit before integrity. At Renown, we do our work to honor our founders, and, more importantly, our Founder. By giving our best efforts to provide the best trailer buying experience possible, we have found ourselves blessed in being able to continue to expand our business and meet even more customer’s needs.

The Perfectly-Suited Trailer Package for Your Business

While our construction package offers a host of tough options and accessories built-in especially for construction and skilled tradesmen, we understand your business may have its own unique requirements for the job site. That’s why our trailer specialists will work with you to understand your exact needs and help you build the perfect set-up specific to your business. Ready to talk project specs? Talk to a Renown Construction Trailer Specialist Today.

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