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We have the fastest build time in the industry

7' Wide

Shop our 7 wide enclosed cargo trailers below. We sell single axle, tandem axle and any customization that you can imagine. Give us a call or shop below.

Renown Cargo Trailers is located in Douglas, Georgia, and sells trailers nationwide.

Size Options:

7x12 Tandem Axle 7x12 Single Axle 7x14 Tandem Axle 7x16 Tandem Axle

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can 7x12, 7x14, 7x16 tow?


You’ll find two different models for the 7x12 enclosed trailer - SA and TA. However, both our 7x14s and 7x16s come standard as tandem axles. As you might have guessed, “SA” stands for single axle and “TA” for tandem axle.

In covering 7x12, 7x14, and 7x16 payload capacities, we actually have four different variations:

What is the difference between a 7x12 single axle trailer and a 7x12 tandem trailer?


A 7x12 SA has one 3500-pound rated drop leaf spring axle while a 7x12TA will have two, 3500-pound rated drop leaf spring axles with braking systems on each axle.

Having a tandem axle 7x12 enclosed trailer more than doubles the payload capacity within the same-sized trailer footprint from 2,140 pounds with the single axle to an incredible 5,040 pounds with the tandem.

How much does a 7x16 trailer weigh?


Our 7x16 trailers weigh in at right around 2,260 pounds. This is the empty weight aka the curb weight for the trailer and is an important weight to know as you haul cargo. Both your tow vehicle and your trailer have weight limits that promote safe operation.

You need to be aware of payload capacity, towing capacity, gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), and max tongue weight, among others. If you ever need clarification with trailer weights and measurements, you can always contact our team and a friendly associate will gladly take you through the numbers.

Do enclosed trailers hold their value?


Absolutely. Now, as with any asset, properly maintaining your enclosed trailer is the best way to add years of useful life and prevent smaller issues from becoming major. With that said, sales for used enclosed cargo trailers are always hopping because so many different trades and individuals rely on these units.

Keep in mind, people are willing to pay good rates for used trailers that have been well maintained so when you go to purchase a new trailer from Renown you have that much more long term value for the investment being made.

What’s the best 7’ wide enclosed trailer?


The best 7’ wide enclosed trailer is going to be the one that best meets your needs for hauling cargo and also fits within your budget.

The 7x12 is a great trailer on the smaller size but the extra foot of room over a 6x12 really does make a difference you’ll feel. You can put more in a 7x12 than you’d think, especially when you see the massive 5,000+ pound payload capacity of a 7x12 tandem axle.

Not to be left out, the 7x14s and 7x16s both definitely have their place. The 7x14 is a great middle-of-the-road trailer. Not too big, not too small, this cargo-carrying behemoth easily gets to the jobsite, ATV trails, or live event as a concessions trailer.

Bumping it up a notch to a 7x16 gives you a full two feet of extra length. That’s going to accommodate larger equipment and supply materials with ease. Perhaps it’s a race trailer for a prized show car or motorcycle.

Do 7x12 enclosed trailers make good toy haulers?


7x12 enclosed trailer TAs have a payload capacity of a whopping 5,040 pounds which means you can carry a heckuva lot of “toys” wherever they need to go. For example, a Honda Rancher 420 ATV weighs in at 580 pounds with standard equipment according to Honda’s powersports website.

At almost 4’ wide and 7’ long, you could easily fit this ATV onto a 7x12 and still have plenty of room for all your extra gear. Adding in some overhead cabinets and other storage is a customization option available on 7x12s which can really take them to the next level as your new go-to toy hauler.

How do you order a 7’ wide enclosed trailer?


You can place a secure order 100% online right from our site. Find a trailer, select your options, get financing, and even arrange for delivery all from the comfort of home.

Serving the Continental United States including Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.

Trailers provided Factory Direct. Custom and stock options available.

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