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How Much Does a 7×16 Enclosed Cargo Trailer Cost?

September 13, 2021 /
7x16 Enclosed Trailer

Ah, the age old question, how much does a 7×16 enclosed cargo trailer cost. Experts have been arguing this question for ages but have yet to come up with a solid answer. Today, our trailer pros are digging deep to uncover all of the costs of a 7×16 enclosed trailer to discover the true value of owning such a venerable towing machine. 

Here, we’ll look at purchase prices today’s consumers can expect, as well as other costs and fees that should be considered as part of trailer ownership.

Price of a New 7×16 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Okay, so the first thing on everyone’s mind is just how much they’re going to pay for that beautiful new 7×16 enclosed trailer they’ve got all picked out. Whether that’s a 7×16 Blacked Out Edition or a 7×16 construction trailer, most have a good idea of what they want. As far as how much that costs, the truth is, it depends. Like most things in life, you have a lot of different options out there for enclosed cargo trailers and again, like most things, not all trailers are created equal. 

At Renown, we only work with manufacturers that we know and trust to build the highest quality trailers available. Sure, you can cut corners and get a bargain enclosed trailer but you most likely won’t get the longevity and usefulness that you’re looking for. Doing a general search for the price of a new 7×16, the price ranges from the low $4000’s all the way into the $10,000 mark. Our trailers are priced to be both competitive and affordable so our customers can always be sure they’re getting a great deal on a top-notch trailer.

Factoring in Customization Options

When it comes to enclosed trailer options these days, the sky may literally be the limit. From ladder racks for maximum accessibility and storage to raising the trailer height, you can outfit every inch of your new trailer to be exactly what you need and want. Now, obviously, adding on a bunch of customizations comes with a cost so you need to set a budget and stick with the most important add-ons for your situation. 

A few of our most popular options for enclosed trailers include:

  • Extending the trailer tongue to make the trailer more maneuverable.
  • Upgrading the enclosed trailer axle to accommodate larger loads.
  • Increasing the thickness of the aluminum skin to eliminate waves and add durability.
  • Adding storage cabinets inside the trailer.
  • Wrapping the trailer in ATP to protect the front, sides, fenders, interior, and/or ramp doors.
  • Adding an electrical package which includes new lights, new receptacles, and extension cords for keeping tools and equipment powered up.
  • Going with premium paint colors to give a professional look for easy brand activation.

This is where working with an experienced trailer professional can really pay off. Our sales team has a lot of experience hauling with enclosed cargo trailers and they’ll pass on what they’ve learned by helping you zero in on those options that will provide the most benefit for your unique set up. You can certainly buy an “off-the-shelf” 7 x 16 trailer from Renown that comes loaded with a full line-up of features designed to make your life hauling cargo easier but you also have so many different options available to make the trailer your own. 

How Much Warranties Cost for Enclosed Trailers

When you purchase a new enclosed trailer, you expect that it’s going to work and provide you with a useful utility for as long as possible. Even though we deal with some of the best trailer manufacturers in the industry, there are times when parts wear out or fail prematurely. That’s why each and every trailer we sell comes with a five-year warranty from the day you purchase it. This warranty helps provide peace of mind against anything that might pop up for your first few years. If you want to get even more protection, we also have the option to purchase an ironclad 10-year warranty that runs about $2 per month. 

It’s a good idea to make sure you know exactly what warranties are included with an enclosed cargo trailer and how they work before you move forward with a purchase. Unfortunately, some warranties out there are designed to be so cumbersome to owners that they are actually discouraged from going through a long and drawn out process. We don’t believe in ever pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes so include a warranty that’s actually easy to use and readily available whenever our customers need it. Do your research and factor in the cost and value you’re receiving with any warranty that’s included with your trailer. 

Estimating Maintenance Costs and Fees with Cargo Trailers

Something a lot of trailer owners forget to factor into the total cost of ownership is the maintenance and other fees that occur each year the trailer is owned. To get the best performance and longevity out of your trailer, you need to make sure you’re keeping up with maintenance. Making sure tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications, keeping bearings greased, lubricating hinges, and maintaining a clean interior are all preventative maintenance tasks that need to be undertaken regularly. 

There’s also your state’s vehicle registration to consider. This fee varies significantly from state-to-state so make sure you factor in how much this will cost each year. Depending on your state authority, there may be discounts on registration fees when you purchase a two-year term.

Getting the Best Long Term Value From Your Trailer

If you start with a Renown 7×16 enclosed cargo trailer, you have the best value from the start. But continuing that long term value takes a few additional steps. First, outfit your trailer with the customizations that are going to make the best experience possible. You can get extras like E-tracks for securing cargo, upgraded LED for loading and unloading in the dead of night, or even increase the trailer height to accommodate larger equipment. The point is, make it your own with the additions that you’ll use all the time and be thankful for. 

Next, make sure you have the warranty in place that gives you peace of mind as a trailer owner. This will help provide protection for the long haul in the event any parts or components require service. You can even upgrade your warranty by purchasing an extended 10 year warranty. Lastly, make sure you know the insurance requirements, registration fees, and other costs associated with owning a trailer in your location. 

When you add up all of the costs and weigh them against the benefits received, you can figure out the return you can expect to receive for the investment you’ve made in your new 7×16 enclosed cargo trailer. Getting a solid return helps you get the best value possible over your life of ownership. 

What You Can Expect in Resale Value for Your Enclosed Trailer

While it’s true that Renown only sells the highest quality brand new enclosed trailers you can get, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the resale value of a used trailer. Obviously, there are some wide ranges when it comes to valuing a used trailer including the condition, year, location, and other economic factors. Even with a wide range of valuations for used enclosed trailers, there is an absolute disparity right now between supply and demand. There is an incredible demand for high-quality used trailers but the supply is very low. 

That means if you’re an enclosed trailer owner who has taken great care of the new 7×16 enclosed trailer they purchased a few years ago, they can expect top dollar for a used trailer they needed to sell. If you factor resale value into all of the costs of ownership, you’ll be left with an enclosed trailer that’s going to outperform the rest for the long haul.

Discovering What Makes Renown Different

When you want to have the best experience with your new 7×16 enclosed cargo trailer, it pays to start with one of the highest rated trailer dealerships in the Southeast. We don’t say that to brag but because we know what we offer and how we do business. Our entire philosophy centers around trailer buyers coming in as strangers and leaving as friends. We maintain the value you get from your trailer by being a dedicated partner every step of the way. That’s why we include a stout warranty with every trailer and offer a beefed up 10 year warranty for absolute peace of mind. 

Before, during, and especially after the sale we make sure that we are providing the level of support our clients deserve. We’ve worked hard to bring our entire offering online where you can shop 7×16 trailers, pick your options, get financing, and even schedule a delivery. If you’d rather come in and talk about your purchase in person, we’d love to meet with you at our dealership in beautiful Douglas, GA today.

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