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September 22, 2023 /

nterested in buying an enclosed trailer? Before you make that purchase, let’s go over the things you need to consider first!

Exterior Layer Material

Most of the time, you will save more when you buy steel than aluminum. Usually, aluminum trailers also tend not to rust, while steel trailers do. But with the right coating, steel trailers can last for as long as aluminum trailers. 

Trailer Size and Height

Trailer sizes range from eight to 32 feet long, with many options in between. You’ll need to consider what you plan to tow or store in your trailer. Think about the weight your truck can handle.

When it comes to trailer height, you gotta ask yourself: Will it fit in the garage and can they stand inside? A standing-height trailer won’t fit inside a standard garage. Trailers with lower heights also minimize wind resistance, which can improve fuel efficiency and towing stability. Make sure to match the height of the trailer with the height of your intended tow vehicle.

Interior Details

Take a look at the flooring. You want your walls and floors structured with legit plywood. The sturdy and reliable kind. If the interior is made out of cheaper material such as particleboard, you should expect that it is more likely to crack, break and damage while hauling.

Rear Door

Ramp door or barn door? Deciding on the type of door you want will ultimately depend on your specific needs, lifestyle, and preference. Barn doors could be more beneficial if you are tight on space. Ramps are useful for wheeling or walking directly into the trailer without stepping up onto the bed.

Once you’ve decided to buy an enclosed trailer, we can help you choose the right one for you! From nimble 6×12’s through our beastly 8.5x32s, Renown has the perfect-sized trailer to meet all your cargo-hauling needs. We’d love to meet with you onsite at our dealership in beautiful Douglas, GA but can also meet all of your needs completely online. 

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