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UTV Enclosed Trailers For Sale

Enclosed UTV Trailers

UTV Enclosed Trailers for Sale

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When it comes to transporting your UTV, settling for the ordinary just won't do. Introducing the EZ Hauler 7.5 & 8.5 wide UTV trailers – the perfect blend of craftsmanship, durability, and design for your adventurous needs.

All-Aluminum Construction: Strength meets lightweight functionality. EZ Hauler's signature all-aluminum construction ensures each trailer is robust yet efficient, setting the bar high for enclosed UTV trailers.

Spread Axle Design: Handling and stability like never before. EZ Hauler's spread axle design offers unparalleled weight distribution, giving you the benefits of a smoother ride, increased stability, and superior loading flexibility.

24" Stoneguard: Prioritizing both form and function, each EZ Hauler trailer is equipped with a 24" stone guard. Protect your investment while ensuring it looks impeccable, even on the most challenging terrains.

Water Resistant Deck: Durability from the ground up. Our water-resistant plywood deck ensures your trailer remains in peak condition, promising years of reliable service.

LED Dome Lights: Search in clarity, not in the dark. The strategically placed dome lights, complete with a switch, brighten up the trailer's interior, ensuring you can locate and access your UTV equipment effortlessly.

Side Access Door: Because sometimes, quick access can make all the difference. Slip inside your EZ Hauler through the side access door and grab what you need in a jiffy.

Screwless .030 Bonded Sides: Aesthetics do matter. Our smooth, screwless bonded sides aren't just eye-pleasing. They're ideal for vinyl decals and wraps, ensuring your trailer remains sleek, without the inconvenience of wrinkles or bumps.

Ventilation System: A fresh interior is crucial, especially when transporting UTVs. The combination of a half-moon vent and plastic Salem vents guarantees optimal air circulation, keeping the inside of your trailer pristine.

Slide Track w/ D-Rings: Securing your UTV is a breeze with our customizable slide tracks and D-rings. With two rows of recessed slide tracks and four sliding D-rings, you have the freedom to set your anchor points precisely how you want.

For the discerning UTV enthusiast, EZ Hauler's 7.5 & 8.5 wide trailers are more than just transportation; they're a statement. Dive into the world of EZ Hauler and experience a seamless blend of luxury, utility, and performance. Explore today.


UTV Enclosed Trailers for Sale


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