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Motorcycle Cargo Trailers

When you’re serious about getting your prized motorcycle around the country safely, you usually set your eyes on finding the best enclosed motorcycle trailer you can find. Whether you need a single motorcycle trailer or a double, Renown always carries an incredible selection of enclosed motorcycle trailers from the best names in the industry. 

We can set you up with a ready-to-roll motorcycle trailer or can customize a trailer to meet every want and need you may have for transporting your motorcycle and gear wherever you need to go.

Motorcycle Trailers Made with Bikers In Mind

There are a thousand and one off-the-shelf trailers you can get to try and make it work with your motorcycles. Or, you can get a trailer that’s been designed especially for people serious about needing to haul their motorcycle wherever the road leads them.  

Renown takes already-stud trailers and adds an incredible line-up of top tier accessories and customizations that make it a lot easier to securely transport your bikes. Additional considerations like E-tracks welded into the frame, D-rings, upgrading the loading ramp, upgraded electrical and lighting, custom cabinets, and more can all be laid out exactly how you want them within the trailer. 

Smart design considerations like these built right into our tough-as-nails trailers, means our customers get a dependable workhorse that’s actually built for motorcycle trailering.

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Finding the Perfect Fit for Hauling Motorcycles in an Enclosed Trailer

Whether you’re hauling a pair of Kawasaki Ninjas in a double motorcycle trailer or have a Harley Tri-Glide that needs its own 8.5x16 trailer, fitting your bike and all your gear comfortably is a crucial requirement of your trailer. Renown’s motorcycle trailers can be made to fit whatever circumstances you have. 

Some of the many ways we can help set up your motorcycle trailer for easy hauling include:

  • Upgrading the trailer height
  • Upgrading the axel
  • Extending the tongue
  • Adding tool boxes and access doors

Single motorcycle trailers can include the widely-popular 6x12 single-axle, or for a little more payload capacity, the 6x12 tandem axle. This little trailer is perfect for getting a small bike and a few pieces of gear around to different events. A double motorcycle trailer can vary depending on the size and type of the bikes but an 8.5 x 24 tandem axle is a good starting place with ample storage for a greater combination of bikes and gear. 

Choosing the Perfect Color

We have twelve different base color options available in regular, premium, and extra premium colors. For events, two-tone trailers are incredibly sleek, especially with an upgraded thickness on the metal skin. No matter what you have in mind, our designers will work with you to pull off the one-of-a-kind look you’re going for.

Safely Towing a Motorcycle Trailer

The additional requirements of motorcycle hauling affect both the interior of the trailer as well as the exterior, especially when under way. If you aren’t familiar with how to trailer a motorcycle properly, here’s a few things to make sure to keep in mind:

  • Never overload your trailer. Pay attention to the gross combined weight rating, as well as the payload capacity and ensure you never exceed these.
  • Distribute cargo evenly. Try to keep weight even over the axles to minimize excessive wear and tear on components and make the trailer handle better while driving.
  • Always properly secure your motorcycle(s) and gear. Utilize the many built-in components for safely transporting your bike and gear to minimize the chances for contents to shift while underway. 


Taking appropriate steps to maintain your trailer and practicing safe trailering helps ensure you enjoy many years of use and enjoyment


Better Protection with a Quality Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer

Your motorcycle trailer is an investment in hauling your prized cargo safely. Whether to the race track or to famous events like Sturgis or Daytona Beach Bike Week, you’re entrusting your motorcycle to your trailer. Keeping this in mind is why our motorcycle trailers are engineered for the best protection possible. Increased thickness in the floor, a thicker aluminum skin, a beefier loading ramp - all of these considerations are in place to provide a better way to transport your cargo.

Renown only carries motorcycle trailers from manufacturers who we know make dependable products. Our trailer pros have spent years helping motorcycle owners pinpoint the best trailers to meet the unique requirements of bike hauling.

Talk Over Your Motorcycle Trailer Purchase with Our Trailer Pros

Getting in the right trailer to meet your needs can take the guidance of a trailer pro who’s sole profession is helping customers find the perfect trailer. Our team takes the time to listen to how you envision utilizing your trailer and then will recommend the best trailer to match those requirements so that you can have the best trailer experience possible. 

Contact us now to speak with a member of our team about your options with our enclosed motorcycle trailers for sale.


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Talk Over Your Motorcycle Trailer Purchase with Our Trailer Pros

We absolutely thrive on helping our customers get in the perfect trailer for hauling whatever they need to, wherever it needs to go. That’s why we were overjoyed to learn that a custom motorcycle trailer we helped set up for one client was then used to transport an award-winning custom chopper from the legendary Orange County Choppers. Read more about the bike and the man behind the one-of-a-kind motorcycle trailer in our customer success stories.