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Choosing the Best Enclosed Cargo Trailer

July 31, 2019 /

With so many enclosed cargo trailers in-stock, all ready to be accessorized any which way you can imagine, how do you find the perfect set-up to match your Renown trailer’s intended purpose? Below we’ll outline some of the more important considerations to help you hone your search.

What do you need your trailer to haul?

Knowing what you’re intending to use your trailer for is a pretty obvious place to start when thinking about Renown’s different trailer options. Depending on the cargo, you’ll need to make sure the width, length, and height of the trailer can accommodate the load. Also, you’ll need to be sure that your trailer can handle the weight when you load it up with all your gear. All Renown trailers already have solid payload capacities, but these can be made even more durable through optional packages like the Construction Package

How should your cargo be stored in an enclosed cargo trailer?

Once you know that the trailer you’re looking at has the physical capacity to carry everything you want to put in it, you should also consider the individual needs of those things you’re putting in. If you want to use the enclosed trailer as a mobile construction trailer, you may consider items such as additional lights, increased weight capacity, or integrated ladder racks. If you’re thinking of using it as more of a toy hauler for a prized car, motorcycle, ATV, or something similar, you may want to look at trailer options that include security and electrical upgrades. An option like our 7×16 Tandem Trailer comes with a 7-way Round Bargman Plug, LED Lights inside and out, and a ramp door loaded with an E-Z spring assist for easily getting equipment in and out. Keep in mind, some cargo can be sensitive to heat, and while most Renown trailers come with a patented ThermaCoolⓇ roof liner installed, you may also want to consider additional ventilation to keep the interior cooler.

Where do you plan on taking your trailer?

The distance to be covered, locale, and terrain your trailer will traverse all play important roles in influencing what trailer option is best for you. A trailer being used solely for city driving by a landscape crew will generally have less miles put on it than a trailer being used to haul an antique car around the country to different auto shows. Depending on how far you’re intending to drive with your enclosed cargo trailer, you need to be sure to have safety first in mind. Tandem axle trailers tend to be more stable than single and there are many different accessories that can help improve long-haul preparedness such as spare tires and extended tongues. Lastly, consider the terrain where your trailer will be used. Construction crews driving over loose gravel or dirt roads may want to consider upgraded tire options. If you live or plan to have the trailer in a coastal environment for an extended period, you should think about salt exposure. Remember, salt corrodes metals. Our 6×12 Single Axle Trailer stays one step ahead of mother nature and comes standard with a Marine Base Undercoating.

Do you have any special circumstances like extreme weight or live-animal transport?

For those needing to haul a larger amount of weight or for hauling live animals, gooseneck trailers offer the stability and payload capacity to get the job done. Renown’s Gooseneck trailers connect into a coupler attached within the bed of a truck which places more of the trailer’s weight on the truck’s rear axle, as opposed to its own frame. This means the truck itself can carry more weight, with a centered load on its axles rather than being attached to the rear through a ball hitch. This also helps to minimize any on-road sway, or “whipping”, and also maximizes the amount of storage space. 

Considering all of the ways you’ll use your trailer, the needs of the specific cargo being hauled, and the location in which you’ll use your trailer will all help you find the perfect set-up for your unique circumstances. Click on the following links to browse Renown’s full line of In-Stock Trailers, as well as, our Monthly Special!

Why Choose a Trailer From Renown

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to who you buy an enclosed cargo trailer from. That’s why we strive to provide our customers with a truly unique experience. Simply put, we treat others as we would want to be treated. We’ll never push you into a trailer that isn’t right and will never pressure you with a sale. We do our work to honor our Heavenly Father, and see it as a blessing just to meet you and consider your trailer options together. We sincerely believe we can help you find a trailer option that works for you, but, if not, we’ll gladly steer you in the right direction. We can even help you design a completely customized trailer set-up straight from the manufacturer. Call, click, or come by any of our three locations today.