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Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer: How to Get the Best Deal

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There is nothing quite like hitting some fresh powder with the roar of a snowmobile under you as you zip through the winter wonderland. But getting to and from your winter zen spot is going to take a high quality enclosed snowmobile trailer. 

Today, we’ll look at getting a great deal on top trailers outfitted just for transporting your prized snowmachine anywhere you want to go this season.

What Makes A Good Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer?

Snowmobile trailers play a key role in your snowbound recreation. Whether you’re going to your favorite spot across town or across the country, an enclosed snowmobile trailer has the ability to make both the trip and the destination a lot more enjoyable. That’s because today’s top manufacturers are breaking out all the stops on new models. You’ll find features like extremely rugged aluminum skins, durable framework, ultimate accessibility, lighting, and more—all to simply create a better tow-and-go experience. 

First off, a top-of-the-line snowmachine trailer should definitely be able to provide you with a safe and smooth tow to and from deep snow. Safe towing is essential to the operation so this is pretty much a given. A trailer not outfitted specifically for hauling heavy snowmobiles can be dangerous and hard to handle on the road. 

Next, extra features like E-tracks in the flooring or walls are going to make sure that the machines don’t shift an inch while underway—making for a much safer and smoother ride. It’s the combination of superior construction and smart options that are really setting apart quality snowmobile trailers today versus a generic trailer that you have to work hard to make fit the situation. 

Starting the Buying Process 

Okay, so you know that you’re definitely ready to start looking at enclosed snowmobile trailers, but where do you actually begin? There are a few steps you can take to help you narrow down the perfect trailer for your next expedition. 

  1. How Much Weight Are You Towing?

This is one of the most fundamental aspects of towing. Looking at the weight of everything you need to carry is the compass bearing for everything you need to find the trailers that will accommodate your load. First, be sure to know what your vehicle’s towing capacity is. From there, take a tally of the snowmobile(s) that you’re planning to carry, along with the extra gear, fuel, and other necessities. Snow machines can easily push 500 pounds a piece up. So, if you have three Ski-Doo Backcountrys, helmets, gas, and spare parts, you could easily be needing to tow in excess of 2,000 pounds. A good tandem axle enclosed snowmobile trailer will be able to handle a well-distributed load with ease. 

  1. How Big Are Your Snowmobiles & Gear?

Right along the same vein of weight, is actual dimensions. As part of your trailer buying decision should be to measure out your gear and see how much space you’ll need. Snowmobiles run the gamut in sizing but typically fall between 9 and 11 feet long. They are also about 3 to 4 feet wide, which means they take up a lot of floor space by themselves. Do a sort of mock-up of how you’ll park the snow machines, along with the gear you’ll need. A lot of riders find the overhead cabinets really help with gear storage so you may need to factor something like that in as well. Overall, you want the trailer to be extremely accessible and easy to get in and out of. Making sure your trailer is wide enough and long enough will ensure loading and unloading is a breeze.

  1. What Kind of Trailering Are You Doing?

The new enclosed snowmobile trailer you’re looking at needs to be able to accommodate the full load out of gear and equipment you have in mind plus get you there. Our longer tandem trailers on up to goosenecks will provide the absolute biggest payload capacities to carry large loads long distances. If you have the mountain summits you want to conquer within a shorter distance, then you can probably get by with a shorter trailer as these are more maneuverable, especially backing up and around town. Consider your present and future needs to hone in on a trailer that provides the best usefulness for that set up.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s a lot easier to see which snowmobile trailers could make the most sense for your towing needs. After all, buying an enclosed snowmobile trailer is an investment and this investment should produce the greatest return possible, over the longest time horizon. This mindset helps maximize what you put into the trailer and will simply lead to a much more positive experience over the life of trailer ownership.

Don’t Forget Options That Can Make Your Life SO Much Easier

One thing we find that a lot of our customers don’t remember to include in their trailer purchase decision is the sheer amount of custom options that await them. We’ve spent many years finding the best add-ons to really make your life easier throughout the trip. With snowmobile trailers, there are some common customizations options you may want to consider with your next purchase.

  • Storage – this is right up front because it’s that crucial. We can add overhead or side cabinets to give you all the space you need for extra gear and parts. With storage, you can also add E-tracks and/or D-rings throughout the trailer to make sure all your gear is cinched down tight.
  • Lighting – adding dual LED tail lights, backup lights, and/or strip lights can help make night day which is a very handy thing to have at the end of a long run when you’re loading up. 
  • Electric Package – this provides a 60 amp panel box, two receptacles, one switch, 2 LED lights, and a 25 ft cord. The electrical package flat out makes sense when you have lights and tools that require power. You can hook up your generator with a safe and secure frame out on the trailer tongue which then makes your whole trailer a literal powerhouse. If down the road, you want to look at installing an AC unit with heat you’ll be ready to rock and roll.

Options like these can really make the trailering portion of your journey a big reason why the trip is so enjoyable. Heating units, custom paint colors, and too many extras to list are all available to help you build out the absolute perfect hauling machine for your next snowmobiling adventure.

Considering Financing Options

Finding the snowmobile trailer that’s perfect for you doesn’t have to come to a screeching halt when you think about how to pay for it. We’ve put together several different financing options from solid and reputable trailer financing companies who we know use just as much integrity in their day-to-day as we strive to. This can help you get the trailer you love today and then make manageable, monthly payments that work with your budget. There are financing options for pretty much every scenario so don’t be fearful about applying if you have new or bad credit. If you have any questions, just reach out, we’d be happy to walk you through the process. 

How to Buy a New Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer 

So here we are at the finish line. You’ve found the perfect-sized trailer to meet your needs. You’ve outfitted it with every option you can think of to make it perfect for your unique set up and you’ve secured financing to pay for it. Now what? A really cool aspect of Renown trailers is that you can do all of these things completely online, then go ahead and check out and schedule a delivery. We work with the best of the best in trailer transport so your brand new snowmobile trailer will arrive in absolutely pristine condition wherever you’d like it to be dropped off. Of course, if you’d like to come down to our dealership in beautiful Douglas, GA, we’d love to meet you and show you around. 

What Makes Renown Different

“Come in as customers, leave as friends”. That’s something we say that pretty much sums up our philosophy at Renown. We want you to be so overwhelmed with your experience that you consider our team a resource for life. At Renown, you may have noticed we do things a bit differently. This starts with our commitment to glorify God in everything we do. Our faith is lived out by treating our customers exactly how we’d want to be treated. We’ll get you a great deal on the perfect trailer and consider your purchase a promise. Sure, we back up our trailers with beefy 5-year warranties but if you ever have an issue, we’ll be right there to make things right because we believe that’s the right thing to do. 
Ready for a whole new trailer buying experience? Start your enclosed trailer order today to see why so many customers continue using us for life.

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