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Choosing The Best Enclosed Living Quarters Trailer

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Having your cargo comfortably stowed beside you in your enclosed living quarters trailer is a great way to get the best of two worlds. These versatile trailers provide everything you need to take whatever toys or cargo you wish with you as you stay high, dry, and cozy throughout the journey in your attached abode-on-wheels. 

In today’s enclosed trailer deep dive, we’re pulling out all the stops to help you choose the best enclosed living quarters trailer for your unique situation.

What is an Enclosed Living Quarters Trailer?

Enclosed living quarters trailers are known by many names—car hauler with living quarters, race car trailer with living quarters, and so on. These amalgamations of both living space and cargo storage within the same enclosed trailer are relatively new on the scene so you may not be as familiar with everything they have to offer.

Enclosed living quarters trailers come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized according to the individual needs of the buyer. However a few of the common features you’ll see on an enclosed living quarters trailers include:

  • Two separate areas for a garage/cargo area and living quarters.
  • Separation includes vapor barriers for safety and comfort. 
  • Living areas generally have convertible furniture such as tables and couches that turn into beds.
  • Living areas usually also have basic amenities such as a bathroom and small kitchen.

It’s important to note that enclosed living quarters trailers are a big step up from the average toy hauler. These trailers are far more akin to a race car trailer that’s made just for hauling vehicles. The added bonus is that the race car trailer with living quarters means you have the best trailer for hauling cars in addition to a nice living area. Conversely, toy haulers tend to emphasize a really nice living area with a small cargo area attached. 

Find the Right Trailer for Your Set-Up

Getting in the perfect trailer is so much easier when you do a little homework to narrow down your choices. We’ll cover the most important considerations to ponder as you peruse your enclosed living quarters trailer options.

Know Your Numbers

Weight Limits: Anyone hauling an enclosed cargo trailer needs to be well aware of the limits set by the manufacturer of both the trailer and the vehicle. Some common thresholds to know and understand are payload size, trailer tongue weight, and gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). These limits are in place to help determine how much can be safely carried from A to B and should never be ignored. 

Dimensions: You’ll also need to have a good idea of the weight and dimensions of your intended cargo. Say you have a prized 1967 Ford Mustang that you love hauling to car shows. With a standard width of a little under 6 feet and a length around 15 feet, your baby would need at least 7 x 16 in the trailer portion with another 10 to 12 feet up front for the living quarters. All things considered, in this situation an 8.5 x 32 living quarters trailer would probably be a safe bet. 

Keep in mind, in a race car trailer with living quarters you will probably need some space in the garage for tool and part storage, which can increase how much trailer you’ll need to haul everything comfortably.

Think About Driving Habits

Getting an idea for size requirements is going to narrow your choices for a new car hauler with living quarters but you should also give thought to where and how you envision driving. If you intend to carry big loads long distances, a gooseneck may be your best option as it provides the most stability and has a large payload capacity. If you can get away with hauling a smaller trailer, you’ll find it’s easier to maneuver around turns and back up in—useful traits when you’re getting in and out of busy car shows. 

The bottom line is you should know what you need and then you should think about what you want. After all, a trailer is an investment in utility and you want your investment to produce a valuable return by providing useful service for years to come. 

Consider the End Goal

Along the lines of where you want to go and how you’ll get there is thinking about what you want your experience to be when you get to your intended destination. Race car trailers with living quarters are going to provide you with a great way to get you and your car to the big race. Outside of the event, you’ll need to use your garage to do any necessary work on the vehicle, as well as have a comfortable place to crash.

How many people do you plan on taking? What kind of parts and tools do you need to bring? Answering questions like these will give you a better feel for how a particular trailer will live up to your expectations. If you ever have questions about how one trailer may rate over another, you can always call our trailer pros who will be happy to lend you their many years’ of experience. 

Best Uses for Enclosed Living Quarters Trailers

When searching for a car hauler with living quarters, you pretty much have your mind set on what you need this trailer to do. But these trailers offer incredible diversity for all the different applications where they can prove especially useful. 

Applications you may have never considered for include the following and more:

  • Concession and food trailers – outfit the back half of the trailer for serving food while the front half is your well-appointed break room/bunk room. Especially useful for multi-day venues. 
  • Construction trailers – for any construction manager, imagine having a secure cargo area to store tools and supplies in addition to a whole separate space for down time or as your on-site, mobile office. 
  • Disaster recovery/mobile office – on that vein, businesses could carry a load of crucial equipment, files, or other needed items in the cargo area, while the front could be utilized as an office environment.
  • Pet grooming trailer – if you are traveling to trade shows often, you can load up all your important equipment in the rear storage while having a comfortable place to sleep and/or a space to meet with prospective vendors and clients up front.

Really, the possibilities are endless for how you could use this multifaceted enclosed trailer. Thinking of your own situation, what are some of the ways you could benefit by having two separate utilities within one trailer?

Choosing Different Options to Incorporate 

There are so many different customization options that you can add to your Renown trailer to make it the absolutely perfect set-up for your unique needs. 

Add Height – did you know you can add more height to the trailer itself? This raises the height inside the cargo area and the living quarters to provide a more comfortable space, as well as accommodate taller equipment. 

Axle Upgrade – almost all enclosed living quarters trailers will have dual axles which you have the option to upgrade in order to accommodate even more weight. You can also choose between spring or torsion axles depending on your needs.

Choosing Colors – when it comes to a race car trailer with living quarters, you’ll want to show up to the track representing your race team in style. Renown has you covered with an array of color options and premium upgrades to make your trailer turn heads at your next event.

Aluminum Side Upgrade – you can increase the thickness of the aluminum skin enclosing the trailer to improve stability, durability, and aesthetics. With such important cargo, thicker skin can be a no-brainer.

Interior Options – as you put together the inside of your trailer, the choices absolutely abound. You can upgrade the floors, walls, and ceiling with tough components made specifically for race car trailers. Options like black and white floor tile and overhead cabinets in front can really set up a car hauler with living quarters.

Complete Option Packages – don’t know which options to choose? No problem, options like the Race Package come with all the most-popular race trailer add-ons already included.

Order an Enclosed Living Quarters Trailer Online

At Renown, we are all about getting you in the perfect trailer to meet your needs, now and tomorrow. We stand behind our trailers 100% and include a 5-year warranty right out the door. You can even purchase an extended trailer warranty for pennies on the dollar for absolute peace of mind. You’ll come to find we sell trailers a little differently, which is probably why so many come in as customers and leave as friends for life. 

Come pay us a visit and check out our enclosed living quarters trailers in person at our dealership in Douglas, GA or you can complete your entire purchase online through our site. For a little extra, you can even have your trailer delivered right to your door. 

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