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What Is The Most Popular Utility Trailer Size?

February 7, 2022 /
7x14 utility trailer

In the ultimate trailer showdown, we’ll seek to answer the age-old question: what is the most popular size for utility trailers? There are many different factors involved and trailer aficionados everywhere each have their own preferences. We’ll break down the stats on our team’s top utility trailer picks to decide once and for all which utility trailer size reigns supreme. 

First Off, What Are the Different Sizes for Utility Trailers?

When you start looking at utility trailers, you will quickly notice that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to sizes. Here at Renown, we have decades of experience in trailer sales so we make sure that we stock the sizes that our customers are looking for the most. With that said, we have three of the most popular sizes for utility trailers available at any given time, these include:

6x12 utility trailer
  • 6×12 Utility Trailer: this is a great smaller-sized utility trailer and is insanely popular. The 6×12 utility trailer is perfect for a smaller landscape crew or a similar trade where you don’t have mega huge pieces of equipment to cart around but you still need enough oompfh to load up a commercial mower or materials. You’ll find the 6×12 to be very maneuverable which really comes in handy when you are working in a tight urban or suburban environment. 
7x14 utility trailer
  • 7×14 Utility Trailer: the 7×14 is going to ratchet things up a bit in both length and width. You’ll also notice the tandem axle. This means more cargo hauling capacity for bigger jobs. If you have a lot of material that needs to get from A to B but still value a lot of maneuverability, the 7×14 utility trailer is an extremely popular middle-of-the-road-type.
7x16 utility trailer
  • 7×16 Utility Trailer: getting on the bigger side of utility trailers, the 7×16 is going to be for larger commercial operations, landscape crews, construction companies, toy hauling, etc. With tandem axles and a lot of deck room, you can fit a lot of equipment all within a powerful hauling machine. Even at this size, the 7×16 utility is still surprisingly maneuverable and the open aspect makes it a breeze for the tow vehicle driver to see around the trailer for backing up and getting through tight spaces.

Each of these utility trailer sizes will bring its own unique value to the table for open trailer cargo hauling. Depending on your situation, you can find the perfect size to meet your needs. We’ll show you how to choose when the competition between great trailers is this stiff.

A Look at Max Weight Loads for Utility Trailers

Going back to popular trailer sizes, you have to factor in the weight rating for each of the top three utility trailers Renown carries. First up, the 6×12 utility trailer still has a GVWR of 2,995 pounds, making it a stout contender for hauling heavy loads. Considering the John Deere Z500 series each weigh in around 900 pounds a piece, you still have plenty of payload capacity left even with a 6×12 utility trailer for all the other gear you may have. The 7×14 and the 7×16 utility trailers each have beefy 3500-pound rated EZ lube axles which simply provides more cargo carrying capacity. 

Now, each trailer has the benefit of premium wood flooring that’s made specifically to handle heavy loads and spend a lifetime exposed to the elements and keep on trucking. But, generally our customers already have a perfect set up in mind which is why they’re eyeing a utility trailer to get the job done. Considering the tasks at hand can help you narrow down which sized utility trailer is going to provide the perfect solution without being overkill.

Utility Trailers Perfect for Different Applications

Now that we’ve got you thinking along what you’ll use your trailer for, we’ll look at how each of these popular utility trailer sizes up for different applications. 

  • The 6×12 Utility Trailer: This is undeniably the most popular trailer ever for small landscape crews, handymen companies, local moving, etc.. Driving down any street in America and you will see a number of 6×12 utility trailers along your route. Why? Because these offer the most cost-effective hauling solution for so many different applications. When you pile on premium wood decking over the solid steel structure below, you get a powerful little trailer that can still pack a punch when it comes to hauling cargo. A small zero turn mower, blowers, edgers, and more all fit easily on a 6×12 which is probably why you see so many landscapers employing these for their teams.
  • The 7×14 Tandem Axle Utility Trailer: this is the perfect trailer for a slightly larger operation. Perhaps you have a zero turn mower and a 32” walk behind mower, as well as a full complement of gear and you need to get to a full line-up of client yards each day. If it’s a larger operation or commercial in nature, the 7×14 is a great entry into the “next level” of utility trailers. 
  • The 7×16 Tandem Axle Utility Trailer: when you’ve got a heavy piece of outdoor machinery like a stump grinder or a Ditch Witch®, you’ll need a little more payload capacity to get your asset to its intended destination and back again safely. That’s where the 7×16 affords the highest levels of haul-ability of any of the utility trailers Renown carries. For a larger ride like a Polaris® Ranger Crew, you’ll appreciate the extra room around the trailer for gear and also just getting in and around your UTV.

Again, the best trailer is going to depend on what you need it for. Take into account the specific application that you have in mind for the utility trailer and go from there to find a trailer that you’ll be comfortable with and that will provide years of faithful service.

Popularity Contest: Utility Trailer Edition

You may have figured out by now that there really is no utility trailer that’s going to be voted to a list of senior superlatives unless of course it has been chosen with a specific purpose in mind. When our customers come into our dealership or browse our utility trailers online, we do our best to outline all the features of each trailer and the best ways that they can be put to use in our customers day-to-day. Some trailers are best for one application, while others excel in other situations. Some are perfect for big machinery and others are made for lighter loads. The most popular utility trailer on the market is going to be the one that provides the best long term value to its owner. 

Let’s face it, you are making an investment in this utility trailer and you want to get a return for that investment. The 6×12, 7×14, and 7×16 utility trailers we have in-stock are indeed the most popular utility trailers of all time. But that truly means nothing unless you get a trailer that’s going to provide you many years of useful life. That’s where quality construction, a great warranty, and superior service before, during, and after the sale really start to add value to that overall equation. 

At Renown, we pride ourselves on conducting a fair and honest business that treats people how we would want to be treated ourselves. That leaves us going above and beyond on a routine basis just to make sure our customers are happy. When you get this level of service combined with the right utility trailer to meet your needs, you have maximized the value in the transaction.

Outfitting the Perfect Utility Trailer

Once you narrow your choice down to the right size utility trailer to meet your needs, it’s time to start thinking about different ways you can outfit it even further to be perfect for whatever you have in mind. Renown is the self-proclaimed king of customizations when it comes to trailers and we can help you stack on the options that will make your life that much easier hauling cargo. 

With utility trailers, you can add racks, storage bins, upgraded LED lighting—really the sky’s the limit. There are so many different routes you can take to make this utility trailer the absolute perfect set-up for what you have in mind. Just talk over your needs and wants with our trailer pros to start getting some ideas for where you can deck out your new utility trailer. 

Best of All Worlds By Ordering a Utility Trailer Online

We would be ecstatic to meet you in person at our dealership in beautiful Douglas, GA but we totally understand that a lot of people nowadays are more comfortable with an online purchase experience. That’s why we’ve invested in making our website as seamless as possible to help you find the perfect trailer, get financed, even arrange delivery—all online. Simply browse our selection and start the checkout process and you can soon find yourself with a beautiful new utility trailer delivered right to your driveway. 

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