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The Ultimate Guide to Enclosed Trailers for Sale in Georgia

February 15, 2022 /

When it comes to quality enclosed trailers for sale, Georgia is ripe with options for today’s cargo haulers. But with so many options, how do you really choose which dealer will offer the best value for the investment you’re making? 

Clicking back and forth between websites isn’t that much fun so here we’ll cover the top three enclosed trailers Georgia has to offer so you can find all the information you need in one, easy place. 

Enclosed Trailer Comparison Snapshot

Running through our comparison categories, you can see how the top enclosed trailer dealers in Georgia stack up:

  • Number of trailer types offered: Renown – 20+ (15+ enclosed trailer sizes, 5 open trailer sizes and unlimited custom trailers!), USA Cargo Trailer – 18 enclosed trailer sizes, Pro-Line – varies depending on used inventory.
  • Customizations available: Renown & USA Cargo – tied with many different exterior and interior customization options available. Pro-Line does not list any available options on their site.
  • Pick-up & delivery: Renown offers both pick-up and delivery options. USA Cargo and Pro-Line also offer delivery options.
  • Financing options: Renown & Pro-Line offer information about financing at the dealership and on their site, USA Cargo states that they do not finance trailers.
  • Average Google reviews: Renown – 4.8 stars on 398 reviews, Pro-Line Trailers – 4.2 stars on 279 reviews, USA Cargo Trailer – 3.8 stars on 105 reviews. 
  • Trailer prices listed: Renown & USA Cargo list trailer pricing information, Pro-Line directs you to request a quote.

Now that we’ve seen how some of the best enclosed trailers for sale Georgia has to offer compared, let’s dig a little deeper into each category and the trailer companies themselves. 

Diversity of Trailer Types

When it came to sheer diversity of different trailer types, Renown took the cake with a full 20 different sizes of enclosed and open trailers to choose from. The choices offered can be a bit deceiving as some of the other sites had different colors for each trailer size as a different product altogether. Renown sought to streamline our dealership as a true e-platform, where we provide all the options under a single product. 

Even with a deep level of customization, we still have the largest selection of new enclosed trailers available. USA Cargo was next on the list with 18 and Pro-Line’s count varies as they have a revolving inventory based on the used enclosed trailer listings they have.

Customizations Available With Enclosed Trailers for Sale

Renown and USA Cargo Trailer are pretty neck and neck with an incredible level of different trailer customizations available. If you need a bare-bones no frill stock trailer, you definitely have a lot of options there too. But having the ability to slap on extras that really make your life easier can really amp up the awesome factor in your new trailer. 

Both Renown and USA Cargo provided a long list of both interior and exterior trailer options that are available. These include individual upgrades such as skin thickness, axles, ramps, lights, etc., as well as different packages like a blackout or racing trailer. Pro-Line did not appear to list any customization options with the different trailers on their site.

Pick-up & Delivery Availability

Renown took the category with both local pick-up at our physical location in Douglas, GA and also the ability to arrange for delivery. At Renown, we have a team of professional drivers that are all next-level trailer haulers. They’ll guide you through the delivery process of your brand new enclosed or open trailer. It will show up right on time and in absolutely pristine condition. 

USA Cargo Trailers says that they do not deliver but do provide a listing of different trailer shipping companies that they recommend. Pro-Line Trailers offers little delivery information so you’d need to arrange for your own third-party transportation if you needed the trailer brought to you.

Ability to Finance an Enclosed Trailer Purchase

Renown and Pro-Line each provided information on how to apply for financing a new enclosed trailer purchase. At Renown, we only partner with trailer financing companies that we know treat our customers with the same honesty and respect that we do. We have long-standing relationships with these companies so that our customers can get some of the best rates available. Financing a trailer can be a great option, especially with interest rates still remaining relatively low. 

Keep in mind that the rate you receive is based on your credit worthiness. So if you have less than ideal credit currently but foresee wanting to finance an enclosed trailer in the future, you can take steps to help improve your score like paying down debt and making payments on-time. As of the writing of this guide, USA Cargo Trailers says in their FAQs section that they do not finance trailers.

Reviews: How Do Customers Rate Their Experience?

Doing an internet search is one of the most common ways to find out information on different products and services nowadays. An important note when looking at reviews on a search engine is to note the number of reviews there actually are. Like any scientific test, the greater the number of responses, the higher the confidence level in the data represented. 

Looking at Google, Renown currently has 4.8 stars based on 398 reviews. A quick bit of math, 398/4.8 gives us a level of 83. On a somewhat simplistic basis, 83 represents the number of people required to earn each star. Since the internet can provide results that are all over the place, we can use this ratio as a way to grade ratings on a more level playing field. At present, Pro-Line Trailers has 4.2 stars on Google based 279 reviews. This represents a response-to-star (RTS) ratio of 66. USA Cargo Trailer currently has 3.8 stars based on 105 reviews. This represents an RTS ratio of just 28.

Trailer Prices Listed on the Website

We definitely get that it’s really annoying to find a product you like, scroll through the options, and get to the end where instead of seeing the price you see “request a quote”. Both Renown and USA Cargo Trailer put pricing information right on their sites so that you can quickly compare whichever size you have in mind. 

If you’re searching “enclosed trailers for sale Georgia”, it can be a real time saver to have the pricing information right in front of you. Unfortunately, Pro-Line Trailers had the dreaded “get a quote” button under their listings.

Who is Pro-Line Trailers?

Pro-Line Trailer’s “About Us” page details that the company is headquartered in Rocky Mount, Virginia with factory pick-up options in Georgia and Indiana. The trailer service department is also located at the Rocky Mount headquarters. Pro-Line offers a large range of new and used enclosed and open trailers.

Listed trailer product categories include:

  • Enclosed trailers
  • Open car trailers
  • Equipment trailers
  • Utility trailers
  • Dump Trailers
  • Open gooseneck trailers
  • Livestock trailers
  • Used Trailers

The biggest differentiator is the used trailer sales they provide. Pro-Line lists a Trailer Trade Program that provides them with a selection of used trailers for sale. At present, these include several used equipment trailers, horse trailers, and goosenecks.

A Closer Look at USA Cargo Trailer

USA Cargo Trailers’ company page explains they are a family-owned business, which we are all about here at Renown. Treating customers like family means going above and beyond before, during, and especially after the sale. 

We also have to give props to USA Cargo since they are also headquartered here in the beautiful slice of Georgia paradise we enjoy in Douglas, GA. USA Cargo lists that they provide factory direct trailer pickup and are paired with a quality manufacturer to produce a diverse line of trailers. They did not provide any additional information about their team other than to say they are available to help.

The Renown Difference

At Renown, we put our team’s big beautiful faces and full bios on our about us page. Our philosophy is built around relationships. We treat customers like we’d want to be treated and as a faith-based company, strive to conduct ourselves in a way that honors God. Honesty and transparency means that if we don’t have the trailer to fit your needs, we will gladly send you to a competitor like USA Cargo or Pro-Line. We’d rather you have the perfect trailer than see you with something that’s not right for your situation. 

Why put our competitors’ info on our site? We provide a comparison like this guide because we believe strongly that we provide the best blend of selection, value, and service in trailer sales today. We include a stout warranty and our team is ready to help in any way now or years from now. That level of service really compounds the value received for what we absolutely understand is an investment in your new trailer. 

Shop Enclosed Cargo Trailers For Sale in Georgia

Start your own trailer buying journey by browsing our incredible selection of top-tier units that are ready to get to work. Check us out online or come on by and experience for yourself why hundreds of customers rated their Renown experience so highly online.  

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