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A Complete Buyers Guide to Dump Trailers

January 20, 2022 /

Renown carries nothing but the best of the best in dump trailers today from brand names we know to make their trailers with quality and stand behind the product completely. After years as a leader in dump trailers in Georgia and beyond, our team can help get you the perfect trailer to meet your needs. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll cover all the ins and outs of shopping new dump trailers with tips from our trailer pros for selecting the right trailer for your application.

First Off—What is a Dump Trailer Used For?

Purchasing your brand new dump trailer is an exciting time as you imagine all of the ways you will be able to utilize the cargo-hauling machine. From construction crews that need to move materials and equipment efficiently and safely to a landscape team that needs to collect yard debris and take it to the dump at the end of the day, dump trailers are the humble workhorse to make your life easier. 

Dump trailers get their powers from beefy hydraulic systems that physically raise the bed of the trailer to easily get your cargo dumped exactly where it needs to go. No more unloading by hand so your team can get back to the next task that much faster. The most popular sizes we carry are the 7×14 and 7×16 dump trailers which each can handle a next-level payload to get your cargo loaded and unloaded with ease. So whether you have a couple of yards of fill dirt or 57 stone that needs to be placed with precision, a dump trailer is the type of trailer you need.

Choosing the Best Size Dump Trailer for Your Needs

One of the very first questions our sales team faces with our customers is what size trailer will do the job. There are a couple of different ways you can help yourself figure out a great trailer that will meet your needs and your budget. 

Cargo Weight

The first step is to look at how much your cargo weighs. You don’t have to have an exact number or even an exact idea of what it is you plan on hauling. Just get some relative numbers in your head. For example, if you’re excited about a dump trailer for hauling loose materials look at a figure of loose sand running around 2,600 pounds per cubic yard. This can give you some relevance as you look at hauling mulch, gravel, paver base, etc. Based on your calculations, you can look towards a smaller trailer like the 7×14 or boost it up to a 7×16.

Cargo Dimensions

Next up is going to be the dimensions themselves. Length x width is a fairly easy one to figure out with trailer sizes but also take into account the availability of a 4’ wall to provide a deeper bed within the frame. After considering various dump trailer sizes, think over the type of cargo you are carrying. 

Do you have large pieces of equipment that need to be transported? Maybe it’s a Bobcat mini skid steer with a bucket attachment upfront. These run about 6’ long and 3’ wide and can be even longer depending on what attachment you have like which bucket you choose. Knowing the total length and width of your equipment, you will also want to have a few feet around this to have plenty of room to move, as well as other equipment and materials. 

How Much Do Dump Trailers Cost?

Okay, the part of the buying equation that most people think of straight off the bat, how much does a dump trailer cost? Well, the answer is, it depends. There are different sizes, different options, sales, financing, economic variables, and other factors that all play into how much you will end up paying for your new dump trailer

The best news is that you can find the most up-to-date dump trailer cost information right on the Renown site. There’s also a trailer sales page that changes often so you can always be on the lookout for a great deal on a new dump trailer. You can sign up to scope out the latest deals or head on over to the individual dump trailer pages to start picking out your options and check out—all from the comfort of home. 

Options to Look For With Dump Trailers 

Even with open trailers like dump trailers, the options absolutely abound for the perfect setup to match your application. Upgraded jacks, upgraded axles, added storage boxes upfront—you can make this trailer exactly how you want and need it to perform. One of the most common customizations you’ll see with dump trailers is the additional height of the walls of the trailer. Increased height will make it easier to carry loose loads. If that’s what you’re looking for, you might also consider tarp brackets to keep debris secure.

A few of the most popular dump trailer customizations you will see out there include:

  • Upgraded LED Lighting: LED dual tail lights are impossible to miss at night with super bright LED bulbs providing great illumination for your dump trailer. These are an important safety upgrade when working on construction sites or other areas where visibility is paramount.
  • Undercoating: Z-tech undercoating is one of those upgrades that makes a lot of sense to really extend the useful life of your trailer. This safeguard makes such a big difference for protecting the bottom of the trailer from the elements that it comes standard with many of the trailers Renown carries. 
  • Electric Jacks: these electric jacks really make a difference in the ease of hooking and unhooking your dump trailer from the tow vehicle. Just hit a button and let the electric jack do all the work. 
  • Adjustable Couplers: forgot the right sized hitch? Most trailer owners have experienced this woe, but adjustable couplers make it easy to match up to multiple sizes. 
  • Spare Mounts: mounting a spare tire right to the frame can be a real lifesaver when you are in the middle of hauling cargo. You can get the perfect set-up for a quick change out whenever you have a flat. 
  • Tarp Brackets: having a roll-away tarp for your loose materials can keep more of it inside the trailer making for a safer and more efficient transport. The addition of tarp brackets allow you to fit out the perfect tarp for the application at hand.

These are just a few of the many options you have available when you want to deck out a custom dump trailer. Be sure to ask our trailer pros about your specific setup to find the perfect options to make your life hauling cargo with a dump trailer that much easier.

7x16 dump trailer

Pay Attention to Both Tow Vehicle & Dump Trailer Weight Limits

We would be remiss if we did not cover a really important aspect of trailer ownership which is knowing the relevant weights and measures of both your tow vehicle and the dump trailer. There are limits for a reason and you never want to exceed these as it will put undue stress on tow vehicles and trailers alike. Know your limits for things like dump trailer payload capacity, max tongue weight, gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), and towing capacity. 

Being a knowledgeable trailer owner with important aspects like weight ratings is going to make for a better overall experience with your trailer for years to come. Without extra wear and tear, you can be sure that the dump trailer you get from Renown will keep on keeping on mile after mile. 

Check out Dump Trailer Warranty Information Before You Buy

It is entirely frustrating when the new asset you have purchased quits out on you after a short time in service. That’s why Renown includes a great warranty and great service after the sale. So if you ever have any issues whatsoever, you know that the Renown team is here to handle every aspect of making things right. We know in this day and age it’s almost rare for someone to really stand behind their work and the consumer is constantly having to fight to get adequate service. Well, we do things differently at Renown. 

Maybe it all starts with why we’re here. We are a faith-based organization that puts our knowledge of superior enclosed and open trailers to work for our customers every day. By going the extra mile with every single transaction, it’s really become a part of who we are and how we do things. 

Inside Renown’s Stress Free Trailer Buying Experience

Ready for an entirely different sales experience? Come see us in beautiful Douglas, GA or browse your options, get financed, put in an order for your new dump trailer online, and even arrange for delivery across the U.S. No matter what path you choose to get a new dump trailer hitched up and ready to roll, you’ll get the same feeling of coming in as a customer and leaving as a friend for life.  

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