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Top Things to Have in Your Race Trailer: The Ultimate Custom Race Trailer Buying Guide

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Whether you say racecar trailer or race car trailer, today’s enclosed race car trailers are made to get what gets you revved up to and from the track easier and safer than ever before. We asked our trailer pros what the top things they considered to be essential in a top-of-the-line race trailer were and compiled everything into this one-stop ultimate custom race trailer buying guide. 

Read on as we cover all the gear and customizations your racing trailer needs to make it the envy of every other racer out there.

#1 – Space

The first thing on the top of your list for a race car trailer you’ll be happy with for many years is to have enough space for your prized vehicle, yourself, and all the gear and accessories you need to take. This is actually a little more involved than you might imagine because there’s a lot of different considerations. 

Size of the Trailer

The size of your trailer i.e. length and width needs to be adequate to get your vehicle on and off with ease. You should also give yourself a little bit of wiggle room around the trailer to get in and out of the vehicle or to do maintenance, especially when the weather forces you to spend more time inside the trailer. Most racers want to have a nice tool storage area up front which can be accomplished with an array of cabinet options. We’ll cover storage a little later but you need to factor in this additional space to make sure you get a trailer that’s large enough for everything you need to bring with you to the track or car show. 

An 8.5 x 24 is a great all-around trailer for race trailers as it provides plenty of room for your vehicle, gear, storage, and other accessories. Think of it this way, the 2021 Ford Mustang is almost 16’ long, which gives you an extra 8’ for storage cabinets, tools, and general access around a 24’ trailer. 

Height of the Trailer

Another important consideration that can really make for a much nicer racing trailer experience is the height. The standard height of the interior of a trailer with a ramp opening of 69” is 6’ 3”. You can get an additional height of 7 ft. with a 81.5” ramp, 7.5 ft. with a 87.5” ramp, or an extra-tall 8 ft. interior with a ramp opening of 95.5”. If you’re working with a race vehicle with a modified rear spoiler kit, you’ll be thankful that you have the extra room to get your prized vehicle on and off. As above, more height simply means more comfort as you work on and around your trailer.

#2 – Protection

Next up, is the protection that your trailer provides for your race vehicle and your gear. We know that race cars and other racing vehicles are downright expensive, with many racing teams putting thousands of dollars into their one-of-a-kind vehicles. With that kind of investment, you want to make sure your race trailer is doing it’s part to provide added protection. 

All of Renown’s race trailers come with a Thermocool® roof liner which is a patented material that helps better regulate the internal temperature of the trailer. You can also upgrade the ceiling and wall insulation, add rubber ATP diamond plates on the floor, ramp, and flap, and other interior customizations to beef up the overall design. Increasing the plywood floors to double ¾” plywood gives you a full 1.5” of protection and stout design. A black and white floor tile screams race trailer like no other and also adds additional protection over the floor’s surface.

Most Renown trailers also include an RV style access door up front with a flush lock to help keep everything secure. You can also add additional bar locks to your ramp door to really beef up security. 

#3 – Gear Storage

Just having an awesome trailer for your race car isn’t enough if you don’t have enough room for all the tools, equipment, products, and parts you need to keep your vehicle running at its best. Adding storage is super easy with our customization options including base cabinets and overhead cabinets up front, additional storage compartments in the floor, and more. 

An E-track that’s welded right into the frame is going to be the safest and easiest way to secure your vehicle in transit. You can also add E-tracks into the wall and D-rings throughout the trailer to give yourself plenty of anchor points. 

#4 – Access

Doors, windows, and ramps are the unsung heroes of an awesome racecar trailer. That’s because these provide the easy access required to do everything you need to do when it comes to your vehicle. Race trailers need a ramp with a flap to make it easy to get your vehicle on and off but you may need to consider an extra heavy duty ramp, as well. Upgrading your trailer’s jacks and adding stabilizers will serve to make ingress and egress one of the easiest parts of your racing journey.

Additional doors and windows can make it easier to access cargo and simply to have more light in the trailer without using power. Further, a ladder rack can be an invaluable addition when additional gear needs to be stored on top of the trailer.

#5 – Lighting and Electrical

Power is kind of a given when it comes to the necessities of race car trailers today. You’ll have a lot of different equipment that needs to stay powered in order to make sure everything is ready with your vehicle. Renown’s standard race package includes 2 LED recessed interior lights, 2 exterior lights, 2 receptacles, a 60 AMP box with lifeline, and 1 switch in the race trailer. This is a great starting point for most race trailers, but, as with everything we do, customization options abound. You can add additional switches and receptacles, additional lighting inside and out, powered vents, and even heating and air conditioning units to truly make your trailer a comfortable garage on wheels. 

With lighting and electrical, additional lights is one of the best improvements you can do. Adding LED rear lights and exterior lights makes working around your trailer at night just as easy as the daytime. If you’ve ever been to the track or a car show after the sun goes down and you’re trying to load up, you know just how nice it is to have the area bathed in bright light. As well, this helps with brand activation to get your trailer noticed no matter what time of day it is.

#6 – Looks

It may seem like vanity, but your race trailer is an extension of your race vehicle and your team so you want to put your best foot forward at all times. We have many different options with premium paint colors that can be employed in different tones to match your unique style. You can also upgrade the thickness of the aluminum skin to .030”, .040”, or even .050” thick. Adding a semi screwless exterior is also an option.

Eliminating the screws and having a thicker gauge gives the trailer an extremely streamlined appearance. Not to be left out, upgrading the wheels can be the finishing touch on one sleek looking race trailer that turns heads every time you pull up.  

See Renown Race Trailers In Action

Building out custom race trailers for today’s top racing teams is something we’re incredibly proud to have done for many different customers. Get a better feel for our race trailers in action by checking out our customer success stories. You can see how real Renown customers had their race trailers come together to be the one-of-a-kind workhorses our clients needed to get their prized vehicles to and from competitions in undeniable style. 

From custom car show enthusiasts to NASCAR racers, our team has had the incredible pleasure of helping top racers find the very best trailer to meet their needs.

Starting Your Race Car Trailer Order

When you need a race trailer that’s built specifically for your style of racing, look no further than Renown. Our trailers come from today’s top manufacturers who we know build trailers to the level of quality we’re proud to represent. To start your order, you can browse our full line of enclosed trailers and see which options you like to add. To view a custom trailer package already put together, check out our race trailer package to get a great idea of what your new trailer can incorporate. 

When you find the perfect trailer, you can either order your trailer completely online and even have it delivered or you can come see us at our trailer dealership in Douglas, GA. Either way, we’re excited you’ve chosen Renown for your new race trailer and promise we’ll do everything we can to find the perfect trailer for your race day needs.

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