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Building Custom Race Trailers the Right Way

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Whether you spell it racecar trailer or race car trailer, enclosed race car trailers are the de facto kings of safely transporting your prized race vehicle to and from the track and often around the country. With a combination of durability, functionality, and stability for long-hauls, race trailers make it easy to get your vehicle wherever the race circuit takes you. 

Today’s spotlight series focuses on, you guessed it, all things enclosed race car trailers. We’ll show you how these heavy-haulers go from concept through manufacturing and all the way to being delivered to our clients’ doorsteps.

Who Makes the Best Custom Racecar Trailers?

One of the very best manufacturers in enclosed trailers today is hands-down Rock Solid Cargo Trailers. We love working with this manufacturer because they have proven themselves to be a company that puts the customer first in everything they do. We call doing what’s right even if nobody recognizes you for it, “integrity”, and it’s something we expect from every member of our team, as well as the manufacturers’ products we sell. 

Rock Solid designs and manufacturers custom enclosed trailers exceedingly well. With many years working with Rock Solid, we’ve developed a great relationship for helping our customers get the perfect Rock Solid trailer for all of their race-hauling needs. 

Check out our full line of Rock Solid Cargo Trailers here.

Designing a Custom Race Car Trailer for Your Custom Ride

Arguably one of the most fun aspects of an enclosed race car trailer build is the design process. With a plethora of custom options available (which we’ll cover in the next section), you can create the perfect trailer to meet your needs. You could always buy a generic trailer and try to make it fit, but serious racers need a race trailer that’s customized specifically for racing pros.

The first consideration in the design process is simple and that’s what you are planning on hauling in your new race trailer. For a motorcycle trailer, a 6×12 tandem axle or a 7×16 tandem axle are generally large enough for your bike(s) and any extra gear. If you have multiple bikes or a lot of gear to bring with you, you may want to opt for a larger trailer like the 8.5×16 tandem axle

When it comes to wanting to transport race cars, we usually recommend at least a 8.5×20 tandem axle with some additional options to really outfit the trailer specifically for racing. We have helped many different clients build out the perfect race trailer for their vehicle and can help walk you through every step. After we get to know your needs and what you’re hauling and where, we can recommend the best combinations for your unique needs. 

Weight is also a very important consideration. Race vehicles can be several thousand pounds by themselves. When you add in all your tools, equipment, and accessories, you’ll be looking at a heavy trailer. We’ll go more in depth in the specs section below, but always be sure you understand the limits of both your tow vehicle and your new trailer so you can be sure you can safely transport your vehicle.

Selecting the Best Custom Options to Fit Your Race Day Needs

Your race car trailer is essentially a mobile garage, ready to take you and your vehicle wherever the need for speed calls you. Whether you’re hauling some Kawasaki motorcycles or a vintage car to a show, the race trailer provides protection from the elements, security, and all the space you need to work on whatever you need to. 

Custom options for race car trailers are virtually limitless, but over the years, we’ve developed a specific race car trailer package that beefs up several key elements of the trailer in order to create a better race hauling experience.

Some of the customizations we recommend to look for and consider with an enclosed race car trailer can include:

  • Upgraded Electrical – we can completely upgrade the entire trailer’s electrical system to meet just about any requirements you may have for your race trailer.
  • Upgraded Lighting – adding LED backup lights, interior LED dome lights, and LED tail lights makes sure your trailer gets noticed and provides all of the lighting you need to work on, and around, the trailer.
  • Extended Trailer Tongue – this helps make your race car trailer more maneuverable by tightening the turn radius. As well, if you’re pulling your race trailer behind an RV to the track, an extended tongue will be necessary.
  • Larger Axles – race vehicles are downright heavy but we can customize the strength of the axle with the perfect upgrade to meet the demands of the load. Overloading an axle leads to increased wear and tear and can also cause premature failure of vital components.
  • Upgraded Loading Ramps – getting your vehicle on and off the trailer is a pretty crucial endeavor so we have a wide range of products and features that can help make it seamless. Stabilizer jacks and a no-show beaver tail are both great additions for beefing up a trailer’s ingress and egress points.
  • Installing E-Track – this versatile tie-down system welds straight into the trailer frame for maximum support. With E-Tracks running down your race trailer, you can be sure your baby doesn’t move an inch while being transported.

Other options to go over with our trailer pros that can help make life easier for a race day trailer include adding extra doors and windows, additional ventilation, or even raising the height of the trailer to make more head room.

Reviewing the Product Specifications to Ensure a Perfect Fit 

As you’re looking over all your options for custom enclosed trailers, one truly crucial piece of information to look for lies in the product specifications. Reviewing the measurements of the trailer and then physically measuring out your vehicle, gear, and accessories, can help give you a much better idea of what will and won’t work. 

Our trailer gurus will help you look honestly at your situation and recommend the right size trailer to meet your needs. Even when all your hauling will fit comfortably, it’s important to consider how you’ll be using this trailer come race day. Will you need to be making any repairs to your vehicle inside the trailer? If so, you may want to consider adding HVAC to make the interior more comfortable. Such a consideration does require additional space, which may in turn limit your amount of tool storage. That’s why it’s important to give yourself a little breathing room around your trailer. 

As we mentioned earlier, another important consideration is trailer weight. Take the time to review both the trailer’s payload capacity, as well as, your tow vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). The trailer payload capacity is specified by the manufacturer for the maximum load you can safely carry inside the vehicle. Take into account all your gear, the curb weight of the race vehicle being towed, and any other accessories you need inside to make sure you’re beneath the safe operating threshold. Next, look at your tow vehicle’s owner’s manual to find the GCWR. This is the total combined weight of both the tow vehicle and the trailer that it’s safe to transport. Never push these limits as you’ll put more stress on the tow vehicle and the trailer, which can lead to premature failure – a scary thought when traveling at highway speeds!

Ordering a Race Car Trailer Online

The Renown Team has really stepped up to the challenges facing our world today and have beefed up our online offerings so that our customers can do the entire process entirely online. We love meeting customers and many become friends for life, but we completely understand everyone’s need to do what’s best for themselves and their families. 

Browse our entire selection, talk over your race trailer needs with our trailer pros, add customization options, secure financing, and even check out all through our website. We’ve worked hard to make the online process as seamless as possible all so our customers can get exactly what they need, however they need to do it.

Having Your Enclosed Race Trailer Delivered

We’d love to see you at our beautiful facilities in Douglas, GA but can also have your trailer delivered right to your door most anywhere in the U.S. After you’ve found the perfect trailer and check out, select the delivery option to get your trailer dropped off wherever you desire it to be and be assured it will arrive on-time and in showroom condition. 

The Renown Difference

We know you have many options for purchasing race car trailers so are proud you’re looking over your options with Renown. We strive to do our work in a manner that brings honor to Him who gives us the ability. When you’re ready to be treated as a person and not as a sale, please contact our team of trailer pro experts to help you find the perfect trailer to meet your race day needs.

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