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Mobile Dog Grooming Trailer Hacks: Everything You Need to Know About the Flying Pig Pet Grooming Tub

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Those in the mobile pet grooming business know that the Flying Pig pet grooming tub is the Cadillac of dog bath tubs. Renown Trailers puts this grooming bathtub for dogs in our mobile dog grooming trailer standard because of how impactful such a quality piece of equipment is for our customer’s operations. 

In today’s trailer spotlight, we’re zooming in on the ultimate grooming trailer hack with Flying Pig’s steel dog bath tub included among a host of other useful customizations in our mobile pet grooming trailer. 

What is a Flying Pig Grooming Tub?

Flying Pig has built an incredible reputation as a professional grooming supply manufacturer. Dog bath tubs are just one of the many stellar products they manufacture, with additional product lines including dryers, tables, kennels, and other grooming accessories. 

The Flying Pig stainless steel dog grooming tub is an absolute powerhouse in the business of pet grooming. By incorporating smart features like ramps and lifts, a mobile pet groomer can offer the exact same level of service as a brick and mortar location, with the convenience of on-location grooming services. 

The Flying Pig stainless steel dog grooming tub comes in several sizes and variations including:

  • 38” Stainless Steel Pet Dog Bathing Tub: the smallest tub in the stainless steel line, this grooming tub is great for smaller dogs and smaller pet grooming trailers. 16-gauge steel that’s rust-resistant will actually support all the way up to 180 pounds. This tub includes smart accessories like a sprayer, faucet, connections for cold and hot water, a tool rack, drain, and rubber mat.
  • 50” Professional Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub With Ramp: kicking things up a notch, the 50” stainless steel tub is going to accommodate larger animals. However, smart features like a removable floor grate that can be moved up and down mean this tub can accommodate both large and smaller dogs. A quick-access door with a steel ramp means it’s a cinch to get your animals in and out of the tub safely. This tub also includes an overhead arm with two loops which really helps keep animals safe and secure during grooming.
  • 50″ Professional Electric Lift Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub: taking the already stout 50” stainless steel pet tub and adding on a lift that can go from 32” high on up to 46” high gives groomers more control than ever for the perfect height to match up with the dog being groomed. With a removable side and backsplash, this tub offers a lot of versatility. Added bonus, the all-steel frame can handle pooches all the way up to 220 pounds. 
  • 62″ Professional Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub With Ramp: the largest stainless steel dog grooming tub available from Flying Pig is this 62” stainless steel beauty. This extra-sized tub is made for the largest dog breeds yet incorporates the same movable grates that can be adjusted to fit just about any breed imaginable. The ramp with textured steps helps dogs get in and out easily and the door with latch keeps water out when needed. An included drain and hair basket are smart additions that make clean up at the end of the day a lot easier. 
  • 61.5″ Walk In Stand Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub: only slightly smaller than the 62”, this tub has a wide-open front that’s just a few inches off the floor which makes getting dogs in and out super easy. The overhead arm keeps dogs in place and removable grates can be adjusted to meet the needs of the breed being groomed.

As a leader among dog grooming trailer manufacturers, we’re able to outfit the perfect trailer to meet the needs of our customers. With a variety of trailer sizes available, the custom mobile dog grooming trailers we carry are ready to roll with whatever set-up is perfect for your business. We’ll work with you to understand your current and future needs so that we can show you the best options available.

Working With a Dog Wash Trailer Manufacturer to Build Out Your Trailer

As you start to dream about the perfect pet grooming trailer, our trailer pros can help guide you with smart customizations that will really make your life easier. We always start by asking questions and listening intently in order to help our customers prioritize their custom set-ups within their budget. Figuring out how to incorporate a list of “must-haves” into your perfect custom dog grooming trailer is what we do best at Renown.

Questions to consider as you explore your options include the following:

What Kind of Dogs Will You Focus On?

While this may seem basic, with so many different breeds out there, it’s an important first step to consider how you’ll want to segment your service offering. Are you only interested in smaller dog breeds like Bichon Frises and Pomeranians? These breeds take up less of a footprint so you can get away with a smaller tub like the Flying Pig 38” Stainless Steel Pet Dog Bathing Tub. 

If you’re thinking that larger dog breeds like Mastiffs, Akitas, and Labs are more you’re thing, you’ll want to get a little larger tub like the Flying Pig 50” Professional Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub With Ramp. The good news is that the larger tubs in the Flying Pigs lineup are able to accommodate multiple sizes with thoughtful additions like interchangeable grates.

How Much Room Do You Need for Your Equipment?

Larger dog bath tubs are simply going to require more room inside your mobile dog grooming trailer so you’ll need a larger trailer to accommodate all your gear. Also, remember there’s more to grooming than just the tub, you may have dryers, tables, or storage cabinets to utilize. 

Consider all of your equipment holistically and then factor in room for moving around your pet grooming trailer comfortably. After all, you’ll be the one spending the most time in this trailer so it’s a good idea to give yourself a little extra room for ease of access. 

On that vein, we have many different trailer options including adding access doors which can really help with the organization of your new pet grooming trailer. 

Are Your Mobile Dog Grooming Trailer Aesthetics Really Important?

Your pet grooming trailer is essentially your business on wheels and aesthetics do count when it comes to presenting the best version possible. There are many different customization options that can really make your new trailer pop such as premium colors, thicker aluminum which prevents waves, and custom wheels that complete the desired look. Our trailer professionals can help produce the one-of-a-kind pet grooming trailer that looks as good as the styles you create for pet owners.

What Are Your Power and Lighting Needs?

Another important consideration when you’re thinking about your equipment and set-up is all the power and lighting needs you may have. We can increase the number of electrical outlets, upgrade the lighting, and more to help this pet grooming trailer be everything you want it to be to pull off your signature grooming styles. 

By taking the time to do an honest assessment of your current and future needs, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor—especially as your new business grows. We’ll help you pinpoint those options which will provide the best utility for your new pet grooming trailer going forward.

Best Ways to Utilize a Mobile Pet Grooming Trailer

Now that you’ve got your new pet grooming trailer set up and complete with a top-of-the-line Flying Pig pet grooming tub, the next step is creating an action plan for successfully deploying in your area. Part of the Renown Advantage lies in our ability to utilize our deep knowledge and experience in trailers to be able to help our customers spot new opportunities they may have never considered. Your mobile pet grooming trailer is going to open up a lot of doors because you have the advantage of being able to provide services where and how you choose instead of being tied to a fixed location. 

Get creative with how you leverage this advantage. Consider putting on workshops on the best grooming techniques at local events, travel to dog shows to showcase new products and services—the skies the limit because you’re not tied to a single storefront. 

Starting a Mobile Dog Grooming Trailer Order     

At Renown, you may have noticed that we do trailer sales a little differently. We’re so much more interested in our customers absolutely loving their new trailer than simply supplying a generic trailer and being done. We want our customers to consider our team a partner in their success so work extremely hard to put together the best suite of options to meet the needs of our clients. You can browse a full line of grooming trailers, select which options work best, check out, and even have your trailer delivered all from our site. 

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