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September 5, 2019 /

Who Makes The Best Enclosed Cargo Trailer?

Just performing a Google search for enclosed cargo trailers for sale means you’ll be hit with a seemingly endless list of different options from trailer manufacturers around the country and even around the world. How in the world do you know how one brand stacks up against another? To answer that question, we’re breaking down some of the top cargo trailer brands by price, durability, customization, customer reviews, and warranty period so you can compare them side-by-side to get a better idea of which trailer manufacturer is right for you and your unique cargo trailer needs.

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Lowest Price: Anvil Trailer

Durability: Continental

Customization: Anvil Trailer

Customer Reviews: Rock Solid Cargo

Warranty Period: 3-Way Tie Between all Manufacturers Compared


Price is somewhat hard to gauge when there’s so many different options, sizes, etc. when it comes to enclosed trailers on the market today. To level the playing field, we’ll compare prices on the same size of a base model trailer from several different manufacturers. For our comparison, we’ve used the base model 6×12 single axle factory-direct enclosed trailers from top manufacturers. Anvil Trailer’s base model single-axle enclosed cargo trailer leads the pack in price at $2,295 for a 2020 model. Rock Solid was the most expensive at $2,250. Renown has excellent relationships with our manufacturers to deliver the best possible customer experience and incredible prices on our enclosed cargo trailers. We also have a revolving monthly special so be sure to check in often for what’s on sale each month.

6×12 Cargo Trailer Rankings Based on Price (Lowest to Highest): 

  1. Anvil Trailer: $2,295
  2. Continental: $2,649
  3. Rock Solid: $2,250


Just comparing the base model 6×12 cargo trailers, Continental comes out on top for durability because they have a 0.030” width of aluminum skin standard on their trailers. Most trailers come standard with a .024” aluminum skin. While .006” doesn’t seem like much, a thicker skin generally means the trailer’s outer shell can withstand the elements longer and therefore should have a longer lifespan. Rock Solid Cargo and Anvil Trailer are all tied for second since they each have the ability to be customized with thicker skins and other additional support elements but for an additional fee. Different models of 6×12 trailers also come with more durable inner construction elements like 16” OC sidewalls but we limited our scope to the simplest base models we could find. Renown also offers several packages which can dramatically increase a cargo trailer’s durability, functionality, aesthetics, and hauling capacity. 

6×12 Cargo Trailer Rankings Based on Durability (Highest Ranking First): 

  1. Continental
  2. Anvil Trailer
  3. Rock Solid Cargo


Customization in the context of our comparison means diversity of choices on a base model 6×12 enclosed cargo trailer from each trailer manufacturer. For base models, Anvil Trailer ranks with the best customization based on their six different color options. The other manufacturers each have one to three base colors, with many more to choose from just with an additional fee. Renown has an almost endless array of different customization combinations that can be added to any trailer. From upgraded LED lights, to extended tongue lengths, and upgraded plywood floors and walls, we can accommodate your requests to make the perfect trailer set-up for recreational or business purposes. We can even help create a completely customized factory direct enclosed trailer right from the manufacturer. 

6×12 Cargo Trailer Rankings Based on Customization Options (Highest Ranking First): 

  1. Anvil Trailer
  2. Rock Solid Cargo
  3. Continental


Rock Solid Cargo resoundingly wins out the customer review comparison when searching each manufacturer’s average ratings based on Google reviews. Google uses a 5-star rating system and presents the average of all the ratings it receives for each company. The reason Rock Solid stands out is that they don’t require you to bring your trailer back for repairs…. every other manufacturer makes you bring it back to Douglas to fix anything. And that is what separates them from everyone else, service after the sale. So it’s no wonder that Rock Solid Cargo has a high number of reviews and also the highest overall rating on Google with a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating. Continental (Forest River, Inc.) had the lowest overall rating with a 2.6 out of 5.0 rating but only had 5 reviews making it difficult to weigh.

6×12 Cargo Trailer Rankings Based on Customer Reviews (Highest Ranking First): 

  1. Rock Solid Cargo
  2. Anvil Trailer
  3. Continental


This is one category that came out pretty even among the different manufacturers. All three enclosed cargo trailer manufacturers offer a five-year warranty of some fashion. The specific language of each manufacturer’s warranty documents varies when describing what’s covered in their terms and conditions. Rock Solid Cargo, for example, provides a five-year “structural warranty” while Continental’s warranty information indicates it varies from model-to-model from one year up to a full five-year warranty. Having manufacturers stand behind their product is almost a rarity today but Renown only works with those that truly care about delivering a superior product and stand behind their work.  

6×12 Cargo Trailer Rankings Based on Warranty Period (3-Way Tie): 

  1. Rock Solid Cargo
  2. Anvil Trailer
  3. Continental
Comparison GridRock Solid CargoAnvil TrailerContinental
Lowest Price* $4,395$4,700$4,899
DurabilityCan add 0.030 aluminum skin with different packagesCan add 0.030 aluminum skin for $1500.030 aluminum skin standard
Customization2 Base Colors, additional colors available for fee6 Different Base Color Options1 Base Color. Many different options for fee
Customer Ratings on Google4.6 / 5.0 3.2 / 5.0 2.6 / 5.0 
Warranty Period5 Year Structural5 Year Limited Factory1-5 Years Depending on Model

*To stay as apples-to-apples as possible, we selected a base model single-axle 6×12 enclosed cargo trailer from each manufacturer for our comparison. Prices are based on brand new, 2020 models. 

Bottom Line

Each trailer manufacturer we represent has demonstrated the same core values that our team strives to embody – integrity of people and product. The different manufacturers each offer a little something different based on the model and application. Depending on how you want to use the trailer, we can help guide you into the perfect trailer to meet your needs. Check out our in-stock trailers and monthly specials. If you don’t see what you like, we can even help you put together a completely customized, factory direct cargo trailer from the manufacturer that checks all the boxes on your list.

Ranking Methodology

Yes, there are trailers out there especially designed for hauling super-heavy loads like Gooseneck trailers and different models that increase things like durability but in the interest of staying as subjective as possible, we chose to rank a base model on the most similar characteristics we could find. Some manufacturers use different materials like aluminum versus steel, different shapes for front and tops, different size tires, and just about every other customization under the sun. We realize this isn’t a 100% scientifically-based empirical test but rather present these base options just so you can get a better idea of the different manufacturer’s products. As always, we encourage you to come in to discuss your needs so our service experts can show you all the different options available and find the product that best meets your needs.

The Renown Cargo Trailers Difference

Renown Cargo Trailers strives to do our work in a manner that’s truly different from any other dealership out there. By treating our customers like family, we’ve built relationships with our customers that go far beyond simply selling them a trailer. We love coming alongside our customers and helping them find the perfect fit for personal or business use and consider ourselves a partner in that success, but even more than that, we do what we do because we feel we can honor God by giving it our very best. At Renown, we won’t pressure you into a sale or ever try and upsell you. We simply want you to be happy with your purchase from the moment you drive away and for years afterward. Some dealerships are quick to make a sale and then you’ll never hear from them again. At Renown, we’ll follow-up just to make sure you’re still happy with your purchase and if there’s anything we can do to help make it even better. That’s the Renown difference. When you’re ready to go over all of the trailer options available to you, call, click, or come by any of our three locations