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What’s the Best Material for an Enclosed Cargo Trailer Interior?

October 14, 2021 /
enclosed cargo trailer interior

At Renown, we sell trailers that are made to provide the perfect blend of form and function for our customers. We do this by including a lot more in our standard packages than the average trailer dealer and also by having a whole host of different options available for any enclosed trailer we sell. Like any part of the trailer, the interior has its own long list of design considerations that can help make your life as a cargo hauler that much easier. 

In today’s enclosed trailer featurette, we’ll be looking at the best materials to deck out your enclosed cargo trailer’s interior with that perfect one-of-a-kind set up you’ve been dreaming of. To get even more in-depth on all things trailer interiors, check out our handy Enclosed Trailers Floors, Ceilings, and Walls Guide.

Working from the Floor Up

Your trailer floor is the epicenter of all your hauling operations and you have an almost endless combination of customizations that can make a beefier trailer floor into an absolute powerhouse. Look to go with a thicker wood flooring like a ¾” pressure treated plywood to kick things up a notch or even take it a step further with double ¾” plywood. Upgrading your floors is something you should definitely consider if you have particularly heavy loads like a big piece of machinery. 

You don’t have to sacrifice looks for sturdier construction either. Race trailers look sharp with black and white floor tile but there’s also built in resistance to corrosive liquids like gas and oil. The floor tile acts as a protective outer layer for the flooring beneath, contributing to a longer useful life. 

If you want to take it to tank-level protection, you can look at aluminum tread plate (ATP) or rubber tread plate (RTP). Not only does ATP or RTP look really sleek, they boost up the level of protection to the max. Especially consider adding this to your ramp door and transition flap when you’re driving heavy items on and off with any frequency. 

Ideas for Upgrading Walls Inside an Enclosed Trailer

As with floors, the walls have all kinds of additions that offer protection, functionality, and an enhanced level of construction all in one. You can increase the thickness of your trailer walls with a ¾” plywood that provides added protection from the elements and makes the trailer sturdier. You can also opt for a metal or vinyl wall to provide a very clean look while also giving you protection against all the dents, scrapes, and dings that are bound to happen. 

ATP is useful on your walls as you can add it over wheel wells or as runners along the lower part of the walls. Either way, you’re adding supreme protection and an anti-slip surface. If you’re trying to keep the temperature inside the trailer more moderated, you can even opt for insulated walls. 

Raise the Roof on an Enclosed Trailer

Figuratively and literally, you have abounding options for materials to finish off your enclosed trailer in style. On the literal side, you can actually increase your trailer height to accommodate larger/taller loads. Standard interior height is right about 6 foot, 3 inches but you can get 6’, 6”, 7’, 7’, 6”, on up to 8’. 

With the trailer ceiling itself, you can opt for things like protective sheathing to the trailer ceiling, insulate the ceiling, or add a variety of ceiling liners. Liners help increase durability while also adding beautiful aesthetics. Depending on the material choses, you’ll get a different benefit and a different style. 

Varieties of ceiling liners in enclosed trailers include:

  • White vinyl – white vinyl ceiling liner is affordable, sleek, easy to clean, and pumps up the protection factor. 
  • Luan – this beautiful wooden liner makes your enclosed trailer a showstopper. Whether you’re representing on race day or you’re welcoming a new client onboard a mobile pet grooming trailer, luan ceiling liners are the way to dramatically improve the look of the interior while adding a high level of protection.
  • Metal – metal ceiling liners are one of the toughest options out there and will offer superior protection. Metal also looks very clean and is a great addition for a car hauling trailer and other gearhead applications.

The interior of your trailer has a great many options that can be somewhat overwhelming. If you’d like to talk things over with a trailer pro, our team can help understand your situation and recommend a few different options to achieve the look and style you’re envisioning.

Lighting Inside an Enclosed Trailer

Lighting is super important for anyone who is working before or after the sun goes down. Even in mid day, getting inside your trailer can be a bit gloomy without lighting. That’s why we recommend the electrical package for anyone who is doing a lot of work inside the trailer or has some early morning and late nights. 

The electrical package does require a generator or electricity but you’re building in the ability to utilize that function anywhere. You’ll get a 60-amp rated panel box, two receptacles built in, a switch for controlling those, two 2’ LED lights, and a 25ft cord. You can also opt to add on additional receptacles, switches, lights, and more to outfit the lighting design exactly as you’d like it.

One of the most exciting aspects of going ahead and getting the electrical package is that it sets you up for being able to power an air conditioning and other creature comforts. We’ll hit on HVAC options inside your trailer next.

Heating and Air Conditioning in an Enclosed Trailer

If you are spending any length of time inside your trailer and it’s either blisteringly hot outside or cold enough to see your breath, the interior won’t be too far off. That is, unless you’ve set yourself up with the electrical package and then an AC unit. You can get a 13,500 BTU or a 15,000 BTU AC unit with a heat strip to heat or cool your trailer in no time. Whether it’s your mobile construction office or your car garage on wheels, having that ice cold AC when you need it makes for a much more pleasant experience.

For a less technological approach but one that’s still very effective, you can look to add air vents to allow air flow and keep the interior cooler. There are non-powered and powered roof vents, as well as plastic or aluminum side vents to maximize air circulation and cool things down.

Trailer Storage 101: How to Keep Everything Organized

Base or overhead cabinets are a must if you have a lot of loose gear in your trailer. This will change your life when it comes to organizing your tools and parts. For race trailers, construction trailers, toy haulers, and more the cabinets make a big difference and a great work area up front. You also should consider e-tracks along the floors and/or walls. Combined with D-rings, you’ll have a plethora of anchor points to make sure heavy loads don’t budge an inch while underway.

Options Packages Make it Easy to Get a Great Interior

We also make it super easy to get a trailer that’s been specially outfitted by our trailer team to marry up to a certain application. We have a variety of custom trailer packages that include all the options relevant to that endeavor. Current packages include options like:

  • Concession and Food Trailers – designed to function as a mobile kitchen, these trailers can be outfitted to your heart’s content with all the latest culinary gadgetry. We’ve helped entrepreneurial chefs launch successful ventures using trailers that are capable and get noticed.  
  • Race Car Trailers – we have helped everyone from NASCAR drivers to car show entrants put together the perfect trailer to haul their one-of-a-kind ride wherever it needs to go. Our race trailers are highly functional but made to turn heads and build your brand. 
  • Motorcycle Hauling Trailers – making sure your motorcycle is well secured, safe, secure, and also accessible is something of a speciality at Renown. We’ll help you put together all the electrical and storage options that can make your life hauling a motorcycle so much easier.
  • Construction Trailers – construction crews can benefit greatly from the considerations we’ve put into our contractor trailers. Storage, access, and additional layers of protection mean more efficient work sites. 
  • Mobile Office/Disaster Recovery Trailers – making sure you have a backup plan is a necessity more and more businesses are realizing these days. We help you outfit a mobile office that has everything you need to keep operations running even during a calamity. 

Talk Enclosed Cargo Trailer Interior Design With Our Pros

The point of this exercise is that you have so many options available to get exactly what you want and need out of your new enclosed cargo trailer. When you’re ready to talk about interior options, give our friendly sales team a call. We can walk you through your whole order, cover financing options, and can even arrange delivery.

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