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Rock Solid Cargo Trailer: An American Success Story

Rock Solid Cargo in NATDA Magazine

As seen on the front cover of a recent NATDA Magazine edition, Rock Solid Cargo deserves their place on the front of industry publications because they are indeed leaders in the enclosed cargo trailer manufacturing industry. 

Today, we’ll take a closer look at how Rock Solid Cargo grew from humble beginnings in the middle of South Georgia farm country into an enclosed cargo trailer powerhouse, operating out of state-of-the-art facilities, and cranking out industry-leading, factory-fresh cargo trailers like a boss.

The “Early Years” for Rock Solid Enclosed Cargo Trailer

The success of Rock Solid Cargo Trailer as a national trailer manufacturing juggernaut is even more enthralling because the notable company is only a few years old – a relative infant compared to the other big manufacturers. Undaunted by the competition, in 2017, Tony Wright along with son, Caleb Wright, found investors and got their operations up and running with lightning speed. 

The growth was so quick that they were able to start manufacturing trailers in June of that same year. Just three years later, their manufacturing facility has doubled in size with significant upgrades to the facilities themselves. Having top-notch facilities means that the workers at Rock Solid are able to operate in the best conditions possible, despite whatever South Georgia’s climate can throw at them. These workers also have access to some of the best tools and equipment available, making Rock Solid’s manufacturing process a seamless symphony of enclosed trailer construction. Taking care of their employees with additions aimed at making life easier for workers translates into an enclosed cargo trailer that’s well-designed and well-built, by workers that see the company more as a family rather than as an employer. 

In this way, Rock Solid has been able to grow exponentially with no plans of slowing down in the near future. In fact, the economic benefit this manufacturing facility brings to the small town where they are headquartered is truly astounding.

Helping to Employ a Small Town Even Through Hardship

In a town of only a little more than 11,000 people, Rock Solid’s employment of more than 100 workers from the community is an incredible economic benefit for the region. Douglas, GA relies on manufacturing and agriculture to keep its citizens employed, which in turn creates more spending and ultimately more tax revenue for the region. Homegrown manufacturers like Rock Solid attract some of the best talent available to the area, which continues to provide ancillary benefits to the Douglas economy as these workers need places to eat, places to live, and places for entertainment. Despite a severe economic downturn in early 2020, a global pandemic, and widespread volatility in the industry, Rock Solid’s pace hasn’t slowed as it moves to keep it’s dealer base well-stocked with the best enclosed cargo trailers available on the market today.

Expanding Production Capacity in South Georgia

Rock Solid started with just a handful of employees and a small manufacturing footprint. Initially purchasing 20 acres of land from the Economic Development Authority of Douglas County, Rock Solid quickly built the facilities necessary to start rolling trailers off the production line. In true Rock Solid fashion, Tony Wright attributes the success of their first construction projects was made possible simply through a group of family and friends working together. 

This corporate culture would help catapult Rock Solid from their modest beginnings into a world-class trailer manufacturer, capable of producing some 45-50 enclosed trailers every day of the week. In fact, Co-owner Caleb Wright explains in the recent NATDA Magazine article that, “We were the fastest-growing enclosed cargo manufacturer in the country last year and we look to continue that into 2020…we’ve had to add onto the plant two or three times since we have been open – just so we can keep up with demand.” In just three short years, Rock Solid cargo trailer has gone from no production facilities at all to a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant comprising some 40 acres, with even more plans for expansion in the future. 

Rock Solid Cargo Sticks to Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Rock Solid offers a fairly limited product line within enclosed cargo trailers but this product line leads the way in new trailer technology and gear. Innovations like ThermaCool® roof liners, Z-Tech undercoatings, LED lighting, and built-in D-Rings coming standard on most Rock Solid models means even with a smaller number of offerings,Rock Solid offers some of the best enclosed cargo trailers available on the market. While Rock Solid could easily expand their product line to include additional trailer types by sticking with a limited product line, they have been able to focus on making these products truly one-of-a-kind in terms of strength, durability, and functionality.  

Built for the Consumer, Help for the Dealership

Rock Solid does not sell enclosed cargo trailers directly to the public. For this, they rely on a solid dealer base. Each and every dealer is treated as a customer and the dealers’ customers are also supported. By assisting throughout the entire lifecycle of an enclosed trailer – from its manufacture, through the sale, and with any warranty claims that might occur, Rock Solid is able to offer a consistently positive customer experience. 

For new dealers, each is guaranteed a 40-mile radius sales territory for their dealership and is assigned a dedicated sales representative from Rock Solid to facilitate the entire process. These representatives are keen trailer experts, both selling the best trailers to the dealers, as well as helping train them in the best ways to sell these trailers to the public. With this one-two punch, Rock Solid is able to maintain a high level of customer service throughout the process.

Trailer Sizes for Every Job

Rock Solid Cargo offers many different sizes within their enclosed cargo trailer product line. Single axle cargo trailers come in both 6’ and 7’ wide options, with lengths ranging from 10’ to 14’. Tandem axle trailers come in four widths – 6’, 7’, and 8.5’. Within these widths, the lengths range from 10’ all the way to a 32 footer. Rock Solid is also well-known for its rugged Gooseneck trailer offerings. At 8.5’ wide, Rock Solid Gooseneck trailers come in lengths ranging from 22’ to 52’.

Getting a Custom Rock Solid Cargo Trailer 

Rock solid Cargo offers some of the best custom enclosed cargo trailers available on the market today and our team knows these trailers inside and out. One of the biggest advantages to purchasing a Rock Solid Cargo Trailer lies in its ability to be uniquely customized for the task at hand. Our enclosed trailer experts can help you design the perfect trailer set up for whatever you need your enclosed trailer to do. Whether that’s as a mobile construction trailer, a disaster recovery office space, a food trailer, or a toy hauler, Rock Solid Cargo offers an incredible array of different customization options to choose from. 

Some of the customization options available for Rock Solid Cargo trailers include:

  • Extended tongue length – this aids in the trailer’s maneuverability and is especially useful to tow an enclosed trailer behind an RV.
  • Additional height – you can create a custom height for your trailer to accommodate whatever transport needs you have.
  • Upgrade to 0.030, semi-screwless exterior – this helps make the surface appear smooth and sleek.
  • Increased axle sizes – this means the trailer can safely carry more weight.
  • Additional roof and/or sidewall vents – this helps keep the temperature cooler inside the trailer.
  • Upgraded electrical package – incorporate increased electrical capacity for whatever power needs the trailer will undertake.

A great many additional customization options are available such as specialty color options and a plethora of packages including Concession and Food Trailers, Race Car Trailers, Contractor and Construction Trailers, Pet Grooming Trailers, and the Kings Package for the best of the best of everything.

Quality Trailer Construction Meets an Industry-Leading Warranty

Just having one of the best-built enclosed cargo trailers available on the market isn’t good enough when some small, but often vital, component prematurely fails. That’s why we love the fact that Rock Solid Cargo stands behind their products 100%. Rock Solid offers an industry-leading five year warranty on their trailers and employs some of their best and brightest within their warranty department. This level of after-sale customer service isn’t very common today and is a trait that we saw and admired as we made the decision to be a dealership that would offer these trailers to our customers.  

Starting Your Rock Solid Cargo Trailer Delivery Order

Rock Solid Cargo’s name says it all but what’s in that name is what keeps the demand for these trailers so high. At Renown, we do things differently because we won’t compromise our integrity just to make a sale. We know that Rock Solid operates on many of the same principals, which is why we are proud to sell these well-constructed enclosed cargo trailers to our customers. 

Contact our team to start your enclosed trailer order today. With convenient online ordering, you can even have your brand new Rock Solid Cargo trailer delivered contact-free right to your driveway most anywhere in the U.S. 

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