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Renown Race Trailer Customer Success Story

Chase Hanish was looking for a one-of-a-kind race trailer to pull his one-of-a-kind race car to tracks around the country. You see, Chase Hanish is a professional Nascar driver, driving car number 34 in the B-Modified Race Division. 

When Chase came to Renown, we were blown away with his incredible knowledge of cars and racing. He knew exactly what his racecar trailer would need to provide in order to safely transport his prized car around the country. With a beautiful two-tone paint job to match the colors of his #34 car, we were able to put Chase in a head-turning showstopper that’s perfectly suited to meet the needs of the young pro driver and his crew. 

A Closer Look at a Professional Race Car Driver’s Enclosed Trailer

Ever wonder what bells and whistles the pros use to make their lives at the track easier? We’ll deep dive into some of the best features we hooked up Chase Hanish’s custom race trailer with so you can get your trailer set-up just like the pros do.

Trailer Type

8.5×28 Tandem Axle Enclosed Trailer 

Race Car Trailer Customization Package

Special Features:

Dual Axle Trailer

Tandem axles are needed to carry thousands of pounds worth of race vehicle and all the tools and equipment needed for race day. 

RV Style Front Door

A 36” RV-style side door with a flush lock means easy access to the front of the trailer. The flush lock also provides security for the vehicle, tools, and equipment.

V-Slant Nose with ATP

Adding stability and better fuel economy, the V-slant nose helps make long rides to different race tracks more comfortable and economical.

Upgraded LED Rear & LED Side Lights

Race trailers include upgraded LED lights for working on and around the trailer. The super-bright LED lights on the rear especially make getting vehicles on and off easy.

Upgraded 0.30” Metal Exterior 

Wonder why Chase’s racecar trailer looks so sleek? The upgraded skin thickness to 0.30” eliminates the “waves” commonly seen on most enclosed trailers. While adding protection for Chase’s race car, this also provides a streamlined, sleek look.

Renown Race Trailers are Made for Racing

Race trailers have a host of additional design considerations that make them perfect for easily getting a race car to and from the track. Race-minded features that make these trailers the best choice for both amateur and professional racers include elements like upgraded LED lighting, extended trailer tongues, bigger axles, and beefy loading ramps. 

Renown’s race trailers are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of the individual. This trailer is built to act like a mobile garage on-the-go, so that race crews can safely and securely protect expensive race vehicles. With plenty of room for tools and ease of accessibility, you can customize a racecar trailer to the exact specifications required for your race set-up. 

Ordering Your Own Custom Racecar Trailer 

Browse Renown’s huge selection of enclosed trailers to find the perfect setup for your new race trailer. Some important measurements to consider include:

  • Dimensions of Your Race Vehicle: take some time to measure out your race vehicle and take into account some space around the vehicle to move about the trailer. 
  • Weight of Race Vehicle + Tools & Equipment: each trailer has a payload capacity for how much weight it safely holds so make sure you have a good number for how heavy the total cargo will be to stay below the safe threshold.
  • How Much Your Vehicle Can Tow: printed in your owner’s manual should be the towing capacity for your vehicle. Make sure the total weight of your vehicle and the fully loaded trailer never exceed your vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rating or GCWR.

Ready to begin your custom trailer order? Talk over all of the details with our seasoned trailer pros and we’ll make sure you drive away with the perfect set up to meet all your race day needs. Call us at 855-966-3438, email, or come visit us at our location in beautiful Douglas, GA.

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