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Everything You Need to Know about Enclosed Trailer Floors, Ceilings, & Walls

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It might not seem like the most glamorous aspect of buying the brand new enclosed cargo trailer of your dreams; however, the choices made when it comes to the trailer’s floors, ceiling, and walls can make a huge difference in how well your trailer performs all that you ask of it. Today’s custom trailer feature centers on these three components to show you just how many different ways you can customize your trailer to perfectly meet your cargo-hauling needs. 

Upgrades for Enclosed Trailer Flooring

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Hands-down your floor is one of the most important aspects of your trailer. If you somehow lost the walls and ceiling, you’d just have an open-air trailer and could still theoretically haul your cargo from a to b. 

Theory aside, there are several crucial upgrades to your enclosed trailer flooring that are worth considering if you’re hauling heavy loads.

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  • ¾’’ Pressure Treated Plywood Floor: using a pressure treated lumber brings loads of benefits to the table. These ¾” pressure treated plywood floors offer greater resistance to moisture, insects, and even fire. This upgrade is ideal in situations where the floor is prone to getting wet such as with a lawn care operation.
  • Double ¾’’ Plywood Floor: doubling the ¾” plywood’s layers means you have 1.5” of plywood to hold extra heavy loads like machinery and vehicles. 
  • Black & White Floor Tile: this classic racer tile configuration offers protection above and beyond a standard flooring and will have your enclosed trailer looking the part as the perfect racing trailer. Resistance to moisture and foreign substances like engine oil makes this upgrade ideal for anyone wishing to get their prized vehicles to and from the action.
  • ATP or RTP on floor: aluminum tread plate (ATP) and rubber tread plate (RTP) make for a fantastic long-lasting covering for floors and create more friction for easier loading, unloading, and internal movement.
  • ATP or RTP on Ramp/flap: same as the floor, having ATP or RTP on the flap provides more friction for loading and unloading your trailer, while also adding a protective layer for the ramp below.
  • Aluminum ATP Transition Flap: the transition flap makes the bottom transition from the ramp to the ground less severe and therefore easier for loading and unloading. 

Other upgrades to consider is to install an e-track in the floor. Renown Trailer’s e-tracks are welded right into the trailer frame itself to provide maximum support for securing cargo within the trailer. 

Ways to Make Enclosed Trailer Walls Sturdier

Moving right along the interior of the trailer, the next stop on our customizations list centers on the walls themselves. Beefing up your enclosed trailer walls will make the overall trailer sturdier and more secure – important considerations when hauling prized cargo around town or even across the country. 

A few options to consider as you ponder upgrading your trailer walls include:

  • ¾’’ Plywood Walls: this increased thickness for your trailer’s walls makes the trailer more equipped to resist the elements bombarding your trailer as you tow it. Rain, snow, the sun, and other environmental factors can all wreak havoc on sensitive cargo. This upgrade adds additional protection from these elements and a more durable trailer overall.
  • Metal Wall Liner: for a sleek look that also adds protection to your trailer walls, consider adding a metal wall liner. These relatively inexpensive panels are worth it to help protect walls from dings and scuffs.
  • White Vinyl Walls: covering your enclosed trailer walls with white vinyl is a very economical way to achieve a clean look and added protection from dents and dings.
  • ATP Covered Wheel Wells: with ATP over your wheel wells, you’ll dramatically increase the level of protection and add a slip-resistant surface to stand on when moving about inside the trailer. ATP also just looks really sharp inside an enclosed trailer.
  • ATP Runners 24″, 18″, & 15″: these runners on the lower part of the inside walls provide a built-in scuff guard and are ideal when equipment is being loaded and unloaded with any frequency. 
  • Partition Walls: adding additional walls in the form of partitions within your trailer is an easy way to keep cargo separated.
  • Insulated Walls: extreme temperatures outside don’t have to mean the inside of your trailer experiences the same conditions. With metal skin on the outside, your trailer is sure to attract some rays in the summer and give up heat in the winter. Insulation is a quick and easy way to help combat this.  

Adding in extra protections to your enclosed trailer walls is the smart choice for increasing the lifespan of your trailer’s internal components and can make your life in and out of the trailer a little easier.

Improving Your Trailer Ceiling

updated interior of an enclosed trailer

Last up on our trailer trifecta roundup is upgrades you can do for your enclosed trailer ceiling. You might think since you aren’t driving on it and you’re not typically storing anything on your ceiling, why any sort of upgrades would be necessary. However, there’s quite a few enhancements you can make to your trailer ceiling that pay big dividends for your overall trailer experience.  

  • 3/8’’ Plywood on Ceiling: adding a protective sheathing of plywood to your trailer ceiling is like adding a shell to the trailer itself. The wood will help protect the metal skin of the trailer and internal framing from the wear and tear that comes from using your trailer everyday. 
  • Insulated Ceiling: insulating your trailer ceiling helps dissipate heat in the summertime and retain more heat inside the trailer in the wintertime. Insulation is an easy and economical way to control large temperature swings from afflicting the trailer’s interior.
  • Luan Ceiling Liner: is a wood liner that adds durability and great aesthetics for the inside of the trailer.
  • Metal Ceiling Liner: cladding your ceiling with metal makes a great visual inside the trailer as well as adds protection against dents, dings, scuffs, splashes, etc.
  • White Vinyl Ceiling: white vinyl is an economical choice for adding protection but also creating a clean look inside the interior of the trailer.

Not to be neglected, your trailer ceiling is a canvas from which modern design considerations can be employed to truly create a superior trailer experience. Our trailer pros can help review your situation and review the most cost-effective means to achieve exactly what you’re looking for in an enclosed cargo trailer.

Keeping an Enclosed Trailer Cooler Inside

As we’ve discussed, the trailer’s exterior metal skin is great at conducting heat from the sun, which can mean an unbearable interior to your trailer. If you’re running a lawn mowing trailer and have crews moving in and out during the hot summer months, the trailer can be a virtual hotbox. 

Insulation is the best bet as an economical way to help minimize the level of conduction experienced within the trailer, which can help keep temps lower. Another great option is to add roof and sidewall vents. This helps dissipate convection heat which is the hot air inside the trailer. Even when parked, vents will help move hot air outside of the trailer and make the inside more bearable. However, the biggest benefit of vents is felt when the trailer is underway and the vents are actively “sucking” the hot air out of the trailer’s interior.

Options for Getting More Cargo in an Enclosed Cargo Trailer

You might think that the only way to get more cargo to fit inside your trailer is just to get a bigger trailer. While a bigger trailer is definitely a way to haul more cargo, a key option exists for increasing the capacity of the particular trailer you already have your eyes on. Increasing the height of the trailer provides more room for both man and cargo. 

More headspace makes it easier to move around inside the trailer, making it ideal whenever you have to spend more than a few moments inside. As well, this added head room makes it easier to fit tall or long cargo within the existing footprint of the trailer. An enclosed trailer is an awesome blank canvas from which you can perfect each and every component to your liking and in order to achieve a desired result. 

Like master bakers, the trailer experts at Renown can use a variety of ingredients to bring about the perfect concoction. In this case, the result is a trailer that can do everything you need it to. This allows you to have years of successful hauling with your trailer and allows you to get more value out of the investment made.

Start Your Trailer Order with the Professionals at Renown Cargo

With this many options to consider just for your enclosed trailer flooring, walls, and ceiling, it’s important to talk over all the ways you envision using your trailer with our dedicated trailer pros. Years of experience and scores of happy customers helps us be able to confidently recommend the perfectly-matched trailer to meet your needs. 

Browse all of our trailers, find the perfect one, get financing, checkout, and even have your trailer delivered to your driveway – all from the comfort of home. 

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