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Do Enclosed Trailers Hold Their Value

8.5 x 26 enclosed trailer

In an economy where construction is booming, people are moving all across the country, and events are finally coming back, the question is whether an enclosed trailer makes sense as an investment. Whether you are a construction business and want to get the best return on the investment in this asset or simply an individual who would like their trailer to hold up as long as possible, having a trailer that holds its value is critical for success. 

In today’s enclosed trailer deep dive, we’ll look at all the different factors that affect the value of your new enclosed trailer over time and just what to look for in a trailer to maximize the value you receive.

What is Value with Enclosed Trailers?

Value is the benefit you receive in exchange for giving something. In the case of an enclosed trailer, you are purchasing a brand new enclosed trailer from the dealership, using it for whatever length of time is desired, and possibly selling it when it is no longer needed. The value is all those trips hauling cargo and possibly what you are able to resell the trailer for.

At the end of your time utilizing this asset, you want to have a long list of cost-benefit trade offs i.e. a lot of time hauling with this trailer vs. say renting one, and you also generally want to be able to get something monetarily in return. Trailer resale rates are obviously going to fluctuate tremendously with the economy but right now is actually a very good time for trailer retained values. The resale value does also depend on how well the asset has been taken care of, how old it is, the brand of trailer, your location, and other factors. 

Next, we’ll look at the best trailers for holding their value and preventative maintenance strategies to maximize your trailer investment. 

Best Enclosed Trailers For Holding Value

When it comes to a trailer that’s going to hold its value, you want to go with ones that are well-known and from respected trailer manufacturers. At Renown, we only deal with trailer manufacturers who we know build quality products and treat people with integrity. Rock Solid Cargo and Spartan Cargo Trailers are some of the best you can get today which is why we’re proud to carry these two behemoths in the trailer business. Known for extremely well-made and durable products, trailer manufacturers like these can really play a big role in the overall value you receive when you purchase your new enclosed cargo trailer.

The enclosed trailers for sale on our site are some of the very best available. Not only are they constructed well, but they also come with warranties that actually mean something. If you get a warranty from a bargain trailer company, how easy do you think it will be to file a warranty claim and have it paid if you have an issue? We don’t believe in making our customers jump through hoops, so only work with warranty programs that are no-nonsense, straightforward, and provide a tangible benefit. All of our trailers come with a 5-year factory warranty. For added peace of mind, you can even purchase an extended warranty from Renown that’s guaranteed to be hoop-free, easy to use, and available when you need it. 

Options For Enclosed Trailers That Can Help Extend Their Lifespan

Additions you really want to see on a trailer that’s going to last include things like an undercoating. Undercoatings help to protect all of the trailer’s important components beneath the trailer body with state-of-the-art coatings. Salt, water, dirt, heat, dust—there are so many different variables that are bombarding your enclosed trailer from the second it rolls off the assembly line. Without adequate protection, you simply won’t get as long a life out of the individual components that make up an enclosed trailer system. 

A high quality aluminum skin is definitely something you want to see on your new enclosed trailer. Thicker gauges of metal, along with premium paints can really compound the level of protection that your trailer’s exterior can provide to your cargo. Not only that, but thicker skins eliminate the “waves” you see on other trailers for a sleek, polished look. 

Another really beneficial option is to upgrade to a 12 inch on center floor, roof, and wall studs. This tightens the distance between the supports in your trailer, which makes it far more durable and stable. Smart additions like this can pay huge dividends over time by helping to increase the amount of usable service your trailer provides, thus increasing its overall value to you from the asset.

Why Maintenance is So Important for Longevity in Enclosed Trailers

Just like anything in life, your new enclosed trailer is going to last longer when you put in the work to maintain it well. Preventative maintenance are those tasks that you perform at preset intervals, usually as specified by the trailer’s manufacturer. Just a few easy steps that you take throughout the year can dramatically improve the lifespan of your trailer’s important components.

A few actions that any trailer owner should be taking throughout the year to maintain their enclosed trailer include:

  • Proper Tire Inflation: Always make sure that the tires are properly inflated. Underinflated tires can take a toll on your gas mileage as well as causing premature wear and tear on the tires. Look at the manufacturer’s recommended level of inflation and make sure each side’s tires are at this level before every trip to maximize the life of these crucial trailer components. 
  • Lubricate As Required: Proper lubrication is critical for your trailer’s overall health. Your trailer has a lot of different moving parts which can produce friction as the grease in these metal fittings wears down. Your trailer wheels may have bearings that require greasing, as well as the trailer chassis, and the door hinges. A little bit of effort with lubricating these parts can save a lot of time, aggravation, and money down the road.
  • Keep Your Enclosed Trailer Tidy: It may seem like a no-brainer but trailer owners that want to maximize lifespan need to make sure that the interior and exterior are kept clean. Water especially on the inside of your trailer can cause issues. Say your zero-turn mower that just cut some wet grass is parked overnight, this can cause real issues on a wooden floor. Spills and liquids need to be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid damaging the floor. Aluminum or rubber diamond plate coatings on the floor are a good way to add more protection to your trailer’s floor system but also need to be kept as clean as possible. 

A solid preventative maintenance schedule for your new enclosed trailer is hands-down one of the best ways that you can maximize the investment you’ve made. These small steps wind up making big impacts in the overall functionality and durability over time.

Enclosed Trailers That Just Won’t Quit

You know you are getting a great value for the investment when you have an enclosed trailer that just won’t quit. We’ve all seen those 20, even 30-year old trailers that are still running great because they have been well maintained. The brand of trailer also plays well into longevity as different trailer companies simply make products differently. Premium products and expert craftsmanship should come together in one awe-inspiring package that is a brand new enclosed trailer. 

Something that can make a big difference with enclosed trailers is to get a V-nose trailer with ATP stone guard. These trailers have more stability and less drag from the V-nose design and also a wrap of metal sheathing that protects the trailer from rocks, debris, and the 1,001 other bumps and dings that can happen to your trailer. Like enclosed trailer armor, having ATP wraps on the front and sides of the exterior is a smart play that actually comes standard with many of the enclosed trailers we carry.

How Renown Enclosed Trailers Maximizes Value

At Renown, we only carry top-notch trailers which is why our customers usually remain with us for life. Getting the most out of your trailer takes having a relationship with your dealership that says if anything ever goes wrong, you have someone you can call and who will actually take an interest in helping you find a solution. 

“Coming in as strangers and leaving as friends” isn’t something we just say about our customer experience, it’s who we are and what we do. Most people would never leave a friend in need and we feel the same way about selling you a new enclosed trailer. This level of commitment is what has helped us put so many people into the perfect cargo trailer for lasting through years and years of whatever needs transporting. 

Come experience the Renown difference today at our enclosed trailer dealership in beautiful Douglas, GA or you can find the perfect trailer, check out, and even have the trailer delivered all online. 

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