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Customer Success Story: A Toy Hauler Enclosed Cargo Trailer for Hauling “Back to the Future” Deloreans

December 9, 2020 /

At Renown Cargo Trailers, our sole mission is to help our customers find the perfect trailer for hauling whatever cargo they need to, wherever it needs to go. From livestock and equipment, to custom cars and ATVs, our trailer pros take the time to get to know the unique requirements needed to have a great cargo hauling experience for many years to come. 

That’s why we were absolutely pumped to help Doc Brown’s Time Machine Rental create a one-of-a-kind trailer for one-of-a-kind pieces of film history – the iconic Deloreans from the hit movies in the “Back to the Future” series. We’ll deep dive into all the fun we had making this enclosed cargo trailer and explore the customization options that make it the perfect way to haul a prized vehicle around the country.

Getting an Enclosed Trailer Order from the Future

We have to admit, in all our many years as one of the top enclosed trailer dealerships in the Southeast, we’ve never quite had an order like this one. Doc Brown’s Time Machine Rental Company in San Luis Obisbo, CA knew they needed a special trailer for some really special cargo. You see, they needed to haul their custom Delorean time machines and other gear to and from events. 

Doc Brown’s has two exact Delorean replicas from the movie “Back to the Future” and another from “Ready Player One”. These cars are extremely popular at events and the company supplies props, costumes, and even actors to really make guests feel like they’re part of the action. In addition, the company also rents classic video game consoles from the 1980’s. All of this cargo is extremely hard to find, making the job of the enclosed trailer carrying them all the more important. 

We really set to work in putting together an enclosed trailer that would offer the best protection, ease in transport, and still look really slick when pulling up to an event. With some crucial additions and customizations, we were able to pull off a showstopper enclosed trailer, worthy of such cool cargo.

How to Make an Enclosed Trailer for Hauling Time Machines

Getting in the mindset of our customers, our trailer professionals can envision all the different ways that we can help make hauling precious cargo safer and more enjoyable. Small additions end up making huge differences with custom enclosed trailers, which is why our team always sweats the details. 

Starting with an 8.5 x 28 tandem axle enclosed cargo trailer, we started building out all the features that would make hauling prized show cars like Doc Brown’s Deloreans so much easier. Some of the many trailer customizations that helped shape the “Back to the Future trailer” into one bad mamma jamma include:

  • Custom paint job: we used a silver frost and indigo blue two tone paint job with a 6-inch anodized strip separating the two. This look came out incredible and really adds to the sleekness of the exterior.
  • Upgrading alloy wheels: wheels can sometimes be forgotten with everything else going into a custom enclosed trailer build but upgrading the wheels makes a huge difference with aesthetics on the finished trailer.
  • Upgrading aluminum skin: with a thicker skin and semi screwless exterior, the trailer provides better protection from the elements and looks better. Semi screwless exteriors help to eliminate the “wavy” appearance you see with a lot of trailers.
  • Upgrading the ramp door (ATP diamond plate plate ramp door with flap): adding ATP to the ramp door dramatically increases its strength and durability, making it ideal for driving vehicles on and off the trailer. This also has an extremely clean and professional look. 
  • Adding E-Track cargo control systems: a heavy duty E-track is actually welded directly to the frame of the trailer and then recessed. Two parallel E-tracks were installed in the floor with more running down each wall. E-tracks have small slots that provide excellent attachment points from which to secure cargo during transport. With cargo as precious as a Back to the Future Delorean, we knew we needed to be sure the cargo wasn’t going to budge an inch while getting to and from events.
  • Covering walls: we used a clean white metal to cover the walls of the trailer which adds additional protection while also pulling off a clean and fresh look for the interior. 
  • Adding recessed LED lights in ceiling: adding in additional lights makes it easier to see and doing a recessed LED keeps the fixture out of the way.
  • Upgrading the electrical package: this package includes two LED lights, a 60 AMP breaker box, two wall outlets, a wall switch, and a 25’ life line with covered floor access.
  • Upgrading the front RV style side door: we made the RV style side door into a fold-down four foot ramp door, covered it in ATP, and added a loading flap. This makes loading Doc Martin’s 1980’s arcade games way easier!
  • Adding overhead cabinets: in the front of the trailer we added in a row of overhead storage cabinets in indigo blue and trimmed them in chrome to match the color scheme of the rest of the trailer.
  • Adding a countertop for working with storage underneath: the addition of a countertop under the overhead cabinets makes a great work space. The added storage beneath helps keep tools and parts safely stowed and organized.
  • Adding two additional storage compartments: set right into the trailer floor, these storage compartments are out of the way and perfect for spare tires and parts.
  • Adding a 12” RTP kickplate: this makes sure the trailer walls are protected from any inadvertent dents and dings that can come from loading and unloading the vehicles. It also just looks really sleek.  
  • Adding additional height: adding in some extra headroom with a 7’ interior means it’s easier to get in and out of this trailer and almost everyone except for maybe Shaq can stand comfortably inside. If Shaq does want a trailer, we can increase the height all the way up to 9’. 

This long list of customization options represents many hours of careful consideration for all the ways that this enclosed trailer can be better utilized by Doc Brown’s rental crew. This also epitomizes exactly how we approach getting in our customer’s shoes when it comes to buying an enclosed cargo trailer. 

We absolutely understand this is an investment and that our customers expect to get a great value for what they put into a trailer. That’s why we take the time to get to know their situation and then can recommend options like the above that will make life all the easier for the long haul.

Additional Considerations for Any Custom Trailer Build

When we start with any customer, we always take the time to listen first. As you’re looking over your options for enclosed trailers, consider what exactly you plan on hauling and where. With Doc Brown, they have very iconic pieces of film history, classic arcade games, and all the other gear needed to pull off a great event. 

These pieces need to be loaded and offloaded with a good degree of frequency and hauled around from one event to the next. That meant looking at how we could make getting everything on, secured, and off-loaded as easy as possible. Beefing up the access doors and the height of the trailer is a great first place to start for anyone needing to load and unload big pieces of equipment. Especially with racing trailers, options like the E-track can be a lifesaver to prevent any shifting during transport. You also might not think it’s that important, but additional LED lights inside and out sure make life easier when you’re working in the dark. 

Lastly, our Doc Brown trailer had to look the part. Renown makes some pretty beefed up trailers for construction, lawn crews, and other tradesmen, but we’re also really good at making a trailer that looks clean and professional. For Doc Brown’s Time Machine rentals, we knew the trailer had to look just as good as it is for hauling cargo. With a few smart design considerations, we were able to pull off one incredibly sleek enclosed trailer, ready to rock any event it goes to.

What it Means to be Renown

The word ‘renown’ simply means to be known to many people. Our team couldn’t imagine a better word to describe how we sell enclosed trailers to our customers. We want to be known by every person that walks through our doors or even visits our site and completes an online order, that we are a company of integrity. We don’t push sales; rather we focus on helping our customers find the perfect trailer to meet their needs for hauling cargo. 
Come and see us at our trailer dealership in Douglas, GA or you can shop our inventory, find a trailer, and even get financing and delivery all online.

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