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The Ultimate Guide to Enclosed Cargo Trailer Tie Downs

inside of a gooseneck trailer with tie downs

When it comes to traveling with enclosed cargo, securing it correctly is an absolute necessity. As you travel, your motorcycles, equipment, and other cargo will shift and move about the trailer if you do not have it properly tied down. That is where some reliable tie-downs for trailers are a vital component for every enclosed cargo trailer. But what are tie-downs for trailers? Where do you attach them to the cargo trailer? What kind of cargo can be secured with tie-downs for trailers? 

In this guide, we will discuss the purpose of tie-downs for trailers, what they are, and cover some tips and tricks for how to use them to secure your cargo the most securely. Hold on tight as we get rolling out to the world of tie-downs for trailers. 

What are Tie-Downs for Trailers?

Tie-downs for trailers are heavy-duty straps that are used to secure hefty cargo so it cannot be jostled about while in motion. Made to be capable of securing monumental payload weights, cargo tie-downs are designed to keep even heavy motorcycles or vehicles safe and secure in transit. 

Most cargo tie-downs consist of a strap or net, some form of a hook to attach it to an anchor. Oftentimes, tie-downs for trailers will include a mechanism called a ratchet to tighten and loosen the strap. With the strap or net portion typically being made from super-tough Nylon and the hook being made from a steel alloy, the materials used are intended to be stout and secure. 

Available in nearly every color and a variety of materials, cargo tie-downs come in a variety of lengths. Typically, you can get tie-downs in lengths from about 6 feet for smaller loads, to about 40 feet for larger cargo. 

Quick terms: 

  • Break Weight: The break weight refers to the maximum weight that the cargo tie-down can support before breaking. This limit should be available on every type of tie-down for trailers. The break weight will be a higher number than the working load strength as it is not intended to be the everyday capacity.
  • Working Load Strength: This refers to the everyday weight limit that the cargo tie-downs are capable of supporting. This weight is meant to indicate the daily conditions that the tie-downs can be used in that will not cause damage. This will be lower than the break weight as the working load strength is meant to be safe for continued use on a daily basis. 

The Nitty Gritty: Types of Straps and Hooks

Digging a little deeper into the types of tie-downs for trailers, there are a few different types of straps and hooks available to secure your cargo. Though there are numerous types on the market, here are the most common straps and hooks for cargo tie-downs:

Types of Straps:

  • Lashing straps: Lashing straps are intended to be used with smaller loads and weights. With easy-to-use gator clips, a smaller working load strength, and lighter break strength, lashing straps are ideal for loads around 100 lbs and lighter.
  • Cam buckle straps: Cam buckle straps are intended for medium loads like ATVs and dirt bikes and are going to have a heavier capacity than lashing straps. With a working load strength of around 500 lbs and a break strength of up to 1,500 lbs, cam buckle straps are ideally used when securing moderately heavy cargo.
  • Ratchet straps: Ratchet straps are the heaviest duty of tie-downs for trailers that are used for large and weighty loads. Named after the locking mechanism to secure the straps in one position, the ratchet straps have an easy-to-use securing instrument. The working load strength of most ratchet straps is an impressive 5,000 lbs and the break weight of ratchet straps is 15,000 lbs. Ideal for the largest cargo, motorcycles, automobiles, and industrial loads, ratchet straps are a hefty option for motorcycle tie-downs for trailers or cargo tie-downs for trailers.

Types of Hooks: 

  • S-hook: As the typical standard on most types of motorcycle tie-downs for trailers and cargo tie-downs, the s-hook is made from a steel alloy in the shape of an “S.” With one end of the s-hook being closed around the end of the strap and the other end being open, these hooks are easy to attach to nearly any anchor type.
  • Snap hook: The snap hook is going to include a closing hook that is more secure than the s-hook. By snapping around the anchor, the snap hook needs to be unhitched to be removed. This gives cargo an extra layer of protection in transit and is compatible with most types of anchors.
  • Flat hook: The flat hook is a versatile hook shape that is unobtrusive. The flat hook is designed to be secured around the rub rails of trailers and can be secured to other cargo tie-downs for trailers as well. 
  • J-hook: Used to tightly grip the anchor, j-hooks are a multi-point hook that is on one end of some cargo tie-downs for trailers. Often used with heavy-duty straps are a hardy option for cargo securement 

Where to Secure Tie-Downs for Trailers

Whether you are transporting a vintage show car or your mobile concession stand equipment, the right anchors for your tie-down are a major part of your enclosed cargo trailer. Most enclosed cargo trailers are going to be equipped with some form of anchor to secure cargo tie-downs. These anchors are attached securely to the side walls or floor in a fixed location. This provides an unyielding connection point to secure the trailer tie-down and hold cargo in place. 

There are two common types of anchors found in enclosed cargo trailers. Depending on the type of cargo you intend on hauling, it is important to get the right anchor to ensure that your haul gets there safe and sound. Here at Renown Cargo Trailers, we can equip your enclosed cargo trailer with either d-rings, e-tracks, or both if you need a more diverse anchoring system. 

Types of anchors for tie-downs for trailers

  • D-rings: D-rings are small half-rounded rings that are embedded into the floor or sidewalls of a trailer. Providing a fixed point for attaching cargo tie-downs, d-rings are ideal for transporting the same type of cargo over and over. You may want to install d-rings into your trailer if you plan on using motorcycle tie-downs for trailers, automobile tie-downs, or other vehicle tie-downs for trailers. 

The downside of d-rings as cargo anchors is that they do not offer much in the way of flexibility. D-rings are secured to a fixed point that may limit your hauling capabilities depending on what you are needing your enclosed cargo trailer to carry.

  • E-tracks: As the name suggests, e-tracks are E-shaped tracks that are installed into the floor or side walls of a cargo trailer. These versatile anchoring systems have multiple slats in which a cargo tie-down and be attached. This offers numerous points of contact for your cargo tie-downs and allows more flexibility for what cargo you can carry. E-tracks can also be combined with d-rings to create a system of anchor points to attach cargo tie-downs for trailers. 

Tips and Tricks for the Most Secure Cargo Tie-Downs

Whether you are transporting sound equipment to your next concert or bringing your ATV along for a weekend in the great outdoors, knowing how to utilize tie-downs for trailers is essential for the long haul. Of course, the exact method will depend on what you are carrying, the type of cargo tie-downs you are using, and the anchoring system your trailer is equipped with. However, here are some general tips and tricks to properly securing your cargo. 

  • Center you load: When loading your cargo, the position in the trailer matters. By positioning the cargo in the middle of the trailer or near the hitch side, you can keep the weight of the load evenly distributed across the trailer and keep it from hitting the walls as you move. This gives it enough room to move slightly without banging up against the wall of the trailer.
  • Be sure your tie-downs are tight: Once you have everything tied down, be sure to inspect the tension of the tie-downs. This will make sure all of your connections are securely in place and will not move during the trip. 
  • Do not over-tighten: You want to make sure that your cargo tie-downs for trailers are tight and secure, but not too tight. Especially with cargo like automobiles and motorcycles, overtightening your tie-downs for trailers could cause damage to your cargo. 
  • Use additional straps: It is much better to use additional tie-downs for added security than it is to have loose cargo. Use as many straps as you can. 

Have the Cargo, Need the Trailer? Renown is Here to Help

Whether you are carrying something across town or across the country, Renown Cargo Trailers has the perfect enclosed cargo trailer for you. With numerous ways to customize your trailer, you add all the tie-down anchors you could ever need. Request a quote from us today. 

What’s the Advantage of a V-Nose Enclosed Trailer?

7x14 enclosed trailer

V-nose enclosed trailers are known for their distinctive shape, which provides a range of benefits for the modern cargo hauler. Anyone who has hauled a v-nose over a flat trailer can attest to this design simply makes for a better towing experience. We’ll take a look at what makes V-nose trailers special, the advantages they offer, how they are designed, and the best attributes to look for as you shop our full line-up of V-nose trailer options. 

What is a V-Neck Enclosed Trailer?

With a beautifully sleek and aerodynamic look, V-nose cargo trailers come out swinging. Offering a variety of benefits, a V-neck is so named because the front of the trailer comes together at a V-like point instead of a flat front you may have seen on other enclosed trailers. V-neck trailers provide additional space up front for more cargo space and many trailer owners attest that they are easier to tow, especially in different wind conditions. 

If you are comparing two 7×14 enclosed trailers and one is a V-nose and the other is flat, the V-nose will have an additional 1-2’ up front in the nose of extra space over the same-sized flat-front. All in all, the V-neck can provide so much more bang for your buck when you are deciding to invest in a new enclosed cargo trailer.  

Advantages of V-Nose Trailers

A V-nose trailer’s unique design contains a host of features that many find to be especially useful in day-to-day trailering. Little advantages become big deals day in and day out as these benefits compound over time. A few of the many advantages present in an enclosed v-nose trailer include:

  • More Space: depending on the size of the trailer, you can expect an extra foot or two of length within the v-nose which provides an excellent nook for a wide variety of applications. We’ve had customers add shelves and overhead cabinets in their options list and then use the front v-nose area as a workstation. You could house electrical set-ups for quick and efficient distribution throughout the rest of the trailer. As well, it provides a great spot to pull up a motorcycle’s front wheel. You can kick it up a notch by adding e-tracks and d-rings for tons of tie down spots. 
  • Better Maneuvering: the shape of the v-nose makes it easier for turning and maneuvering. Some models of trucks can even have their gates down and still make tight turns in an enclosed v-nose trailer. 
  • Easier To Tow: providing more space means you have more opportunities within the enclosed trailer to balance your load about the axle. Better maneuverability, aerodynamics, and less susceptibility to sudden gusts all add up to a better experience as you’re towing a trailer. Anyone who has been doing 70mph on the interstate and passes a semi tractor trailer towing a trailer can tell you that these white knuckle moments are when you’re glad you invested in a v-nose enclosed trailer.

Although it can depend greatly on the tow vehicle, properly loading your trailer, and staying within set weight limits, many customers also report substantial gas savings when they switch to a v-nose. While it can be difficult to quantify with so many variables at play, a lot of enclosed trailer cargo haulers also report feeling like they have more control. This may be due to the shape contributing to a decrease in front drag, especially with a strong headwind.

Preventing Trailer Sway

If you’ve been hauling cargo trailers any length of time, you yourself may have experienced the hair raising moment your trailer starts to sway back and forth. With V-necks, sway can be reduced by keeping the load properly balanced around the axle and sticking under your trailer and your tow vehicle’s max weight limits. There are also additional systems to consider when you want to minimize sway, especially on long trips. 

Weight distribution hitches help take the stress of the point of connection and distribute it evenly across a uniform plane between the tow vehicle and the trailer. This means less stress at the rear of your tow vehicle, less stress at the trailer tongue, and ultimately a drastic reduction in swaying tendencies. The weight distribution hitch also can help increase your tow capacity, makes the V-nose easier to control, and increases stability like when you pass a semi or get hit with a sudden gust.  

What Do You Use a V-Nose Trailer For

V-nose trailers provide a lot of great room right up front for a variety of applications. Commonly, we’re helping our customers decide the best set-ups for their businesses or just everyday hauling needs. One of the big advantages with the extra space up front is organization. We have so many great options that help to keep tools, equipment, spare parts, and other necessities stored with a dedicated space on board the trailer. 

Anyone in the skilled trades knows that a well-organized tool crib means greater efficiency and a boosted bottom line while on the job site. Paying dividends is what getting the right v-nose trailer to meet your needs is all about. At Renown, we take it as our mission to help you find that perfect trailer to create long-term value.

Best V-Nose Enclosed Trailers 

We stock some of the best v-nose enclosed trailers on the market and we don’t just say that as a gimmick, we actually know these companies and these trailers very well. After being a leader in enclosed trailer sales, we’ve built some solid industry relationships and have learned where to spot quality. If a manufacturer doesn’t hold themselves to the same standards we have here at Renown, we simply won’t recommend those trailers to our customers. Top names in enclosed v-nose trailers include Rock Solid Cargo and Spartan Cargo Trailers but, in the end, the best trailer is going to be the one that provides the most value for the investment you’re making. 

We understand many of our customers are using these v-nose trailers in a business setting. Whether that’s a race team, a mobile concession trailer, mobile pet grooming, a landscape business, or whatever other way you earn a living, these trailers simply have to perform at the professional level. That’s why we have plenty of types and sizes to look at with option after option so you can get a completely customized enclosed cargo trailer to perfectly meet your needs.

How to Tow a V-Nose 

Towing a v-nose definitely has its perks. You’ll definitely feel a lot more in control and able to get in and out of tight spaces. The ease of towing a v-nose with the extra room up front and the better driveability especially with gusts make the experience a lot better when getting heavy loads from A to B and back again. 

Towing a v-nose is also easier with the set-ups we carry. Take the 8.5×16 trailer for example. This is a great tandem axle v-nose enclosed trailer that comes standard with a sand foot on the jack. This makes it so easy to pop the trailer on and off even if you don’t have a nice concrete surface. Whether you’re at the job site or pulling up your mobile food trailer to an event, you will be so grateful for this seemingly insignificant feature. The 2 5/16” coupler is also a very standard size and able to connect to most trucks and many SUVs with ease. This trailer and our other tandems also come standard with two 3500-pound rated drop leaf spring axles with electric brakes on both axles. This is going to make for a much smoother ride even with a full load out, as well as making it much easier to bring the trailer under control and to a safe stop. 

If you’ve ever driven a trailer without an independent braking system and tried to make a quick stop, you know how scary it can be to feel your tow vehicle pushed from behind. The two brakes on each axle are another detail that can be easy to gloss over but make towing Renown’s v-nose enclosed trailers so much nicer.

Shop In-Stock V-Nose Enclosed Trailers

As you shop all your options for the best V-nose trailers, it all comes down to the value received for the investment being made. Our team is composed of highly-experienced professionals. That means they know which trailers are going to make your life hauling cargo easier, and how to marry needs and budget together in the package that provides the best long-term value. We provide a superior level of support before, during, and after you purchase your new trailer because we want to be your trailer shop for life. 

Shop our full line-up of enclosed V-nose trailers, select all your options, get financed, and even arrange for professional delivery right to your driveway. If you need guidance at any point come see us in beautiful Douglas, Georgia or our team’s just a call, email, or chat away—please contact us however is most convenient. 

8.5 x 16 Enclosed Cargo Trailer Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

8x16 tandem axle enclosed cargo trailer

The 8.5 x 16 is by far one of the most versatile sizes of enclosed cargo trailers that Renown carries. Whether for personal use, a business, or a combination of both, this trailer can reliably get your cargo where it needs to go. When you are zeroing in on the venerable trailer that is the 8.5 x 16, there’s several important considerations that should be pondered prior to purchase. In our continuing spotlight series, today’s post will focus on everything a buyer needs to know for picking the perfect Renown 8.5 x 16 trailer

8.5 x 16 Enclosed Aluminum Trailer Quick Stats:

  • Cost: $4,075 Standard
  • Overall Length: 19.5 feet with standard tongue
  • Width: 96” wall-to-wall in interior and 84” between wheel wells
  • Weight Empty: 2,800 pounds
  • Exterior Height: 96”
  • Payload Capacity: 4,200 to 11,200 pounds

One Trailer, Many Applications

The 8.5 x 16 offers a great payload capacity in a relatively small package. It is large enough to easily carry a full loadout for a lawn care business or act as a mobile tool crib for a general contractor and their crew. The 8.5 x 16’s heavy-duty ramp door w/ E-Z Spring Assist and 16″ Flap translates into being able to drive mowers, tractors, and motorcycles on and off with ease. Even hauling a prized show-car presents no problem for this workhorse trailer. Its size is an advantage, allowing for good-sized loadouts to be pulled by whatever vehicle has the towing capacity and not just large trucks.

Closer Look: Standard Features

Many of the standard features that come with our 8.5 x 16 may not be entirely familiar to you. Let’s go over some of the basics:

  • 36” RV Style Side Door with Flush Lock: a wide door with an unobtrusive flush lock makes both securing and retrieving gear in the front of the trailer a lot easier – along with ingress and egress – without having to put down the rear ramp.
  • Sand Foot on Jack: this special jack has a large metal plate at its base allowing for the ability to drop the trailer virtually anywhere. The sand jack’s “foot” will prevent the jack from sinking down in soft earth.
  • 2 5/16” Coupler: the coupler is what attaches the trailer to the vehicle towing it. 2 5/16” is a standard trailer ball size with which to marry the vehicle to the trailer.
  • 24” ATP Stone Guard: trailer stone guards are the metal plates you see on the front and sides of the trailer. They offer superior protection and great aesthetics for years to come.
  • 3500-pound Drop Leaf Spring Axles w/ Electric Brakes on Both Axles: these beefy axles can handle a lot on their own but combined offer an incredible payload capacity. Electronic braking on both axles means safer stops and more control.
  • 7 Way Round Bargman Plug: this is what connects your vehicle’s electrical system to the trailer’s. The Bargman Plug is one of the toughest on the market with heavy-duty insulated cable, self-cleaning contacts, and beefed up overmolds to provide protection from the environment and corrosive substances.
  • 4′ No Show Beaver Tail: this is an extension with a gentle slope that aids in loading and unloading of equipment, with, or even without, the use of the rear ramp.
  • Z-Tech Undercoating: knowing our trailers need to perform in all kinds of conditions, we have an undercoating applied that protects against moisture, rust, and other corrosion for years.
  • Thermacool Roof Liner: sounding more appropriate in a space shuttle than an enclosed trailer, the Thermacool roof liner takes advantage of phase changes to keep temperatures cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter within the trailer body.

8.5 x 16 Enclosed Trailer Weight and Payload Capacity

For most people, a trailer is only as good as what you are able to haul in it. Whether that’s all your kitchen equipment as a mobile concession trailer, all the gear necessary to run a pet grooming trailer, or anything else you may require, your enclosed trailer needs to safely haul what you need from A to B, mile after mile, and year after year. The 8.5 x 16 is able to haul quite a load. Empty the unit weighs 2,800 pounds. Most large cars, vans, and light SUVs are able to tow up to around 3,500 pounds, with many running in the 6,000-pound and 7,000-pound range. This means no matter what you drive, you should still have ample room to load up and safely tow your 8.5 x 16 enclosed cargo trailer. 

Payload capacity is how much weight your trailer can safely haul. Our 8.5 x 16 has several tiers of payload capacity available depending on the options you choose. Payload capacities for this trailer range from 4,200 pounds to 11,200 pounds.

Single Axle (SA) vs. Tandem Axle (TA)

8x16 single axle enclosed cargo trailer

Single-axle (SA) trailers have one axle connecting two wheels on either side of the trailer. They are light and maneuverable but do not have the same payload capacity as the stouter tandem axle (TA). Our 8.5 x 16 enclosed trailer comes standard as a TA. This means that two separate axles connect two different sets of wheels. This helps better distribute a hefty load so the trailer remains stable throughout the journey.

Best Time to Buy a Trailer

8x16 tandem axle trailer

When looking for an 8.5 x 16 enclosed trailer for sale, you may consider that your best times to buy are around the holidays when the dealer is running “specials”. Unfortunately, other dealers will sometimes raise prices artificially just to decrease them during a sale and make it seem like a fantastic bargain is to be had. We do not believe in gimmicks so offer all of our trailers for sale at competitive prices every day – simply because we believe it’s the right thing to do. However, every month we run a special which gives us a chance to showcase a different manufacturer’s trailer and our customers the chance to purchase an enclosed trailer at a significantly discounted rate

Consider Your Options

Our 8.5 x 16 enclosed cargo trailer can come with such a wide variety of different options and accessories, the combinations are virtually endless. Whatever application you wish to employ your trailer, we can find the perfect complement of options like larger axles, beefy electrical packages, and custom wheels, tires, and colors. We also carry lines of custom trailers that come already set-up for the specific requirements of the job. Our custom cargo trailers include options like setting up your trailer to run concessions or as a dog grooming trailer. 

Getting Financing

After picking out just the right trailer with all of the options and accessories and the perfect color and wheels to match, now comes the fun part – trailer financing. Actually, through our preferred financing services partners, the financing process can be an absolute breeze. Rock Solid Funding is one of the financial services pros we count on to help bring a seamless financing process to our customers. From the initial application, through approval and funding, we know our financing partners to be companies that conduct themselves with integrity. Got bad or limited credit? No problem. Rock Solid and our other partners can work with almost any situation. Rates and terms will vary depending on creditworthiness, though, so any small steps you can take to improve your credit now could mean saving thousands in interest over the life of the loan.

Why You Should Buy Your 8.5 x 16 Enclosed Trailer From Renown

Let’s face it, you have dozens of choices when it comes to trailer dealerships, so what makes us any different? “The Renown Difference”, as we say, is tangible. It defines who we are at work and how we conduct ourselves. We see our work as a chance to give back a little of what God has blessed us with. If we get the opportunity to shine just a little light in our dark world, we will have been entirely successful as a business. With this as our corporate culture, you can believe the attitude of our team is entirely different. Work isn’t about just coming in, doing your time, and punching out. Work is about truly doing your best, doing what’s right, and doing that every day no matter if anyone is looking or not. 

Our sales team will take the time to understand exactly what you need out of your trailer and match you up perfectly with the trailer that does just that and also stays within your budget. We’ll give it everything we’ve got to match you up to the trailer you need, but, if we can’t provide that, we’ll just as soon send you to a competitor over trying to force you into something that isn’t truly right. Come experience the Renown Difference for yourself.